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How your support is helping one family rise above the housing crisis


"Saving for a down payment was like chasing a carrot on a stick – save a tiny bit, but then the house prices skyrocket,” Mildred explained, as one of thousands of families impacted by the rise in housing prices and interest rates. 

Keep reading to learn how affordable homeownership is giving families like Mildred's the opportunity to rise above the housing crisis and build brighter futures. 

How a leading energy producer is supporting affordable homeownership

What motivates a leading North American energy producer to support affordable homeownership and community development? Rachel Moore, Executive Vice President of Corporate Services, tells us why Ovintiv invests in and supports Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta.

Homeowner Newsletter: May 1, 2024

Money Mentors

Homeowner Newsletter: April 3, 2024

Homeowner Tips: Avoiding sewer backup

Volunteer Spotlight: Marilyn

Twelve years ago, Marilyn Boake's journey with Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta began with a single presentation that sparked her passion for making a difference. Since then, she's been a driving force behind Habitat's expansion into the Foothills region, most currently serving as Chair of the Habitat for Humanity Foothills Chapter.

Volunteer Spotlight: Liz

It all started in 2019, when Liz tagged along with her church for a Build Day at our Silvercreek development. She had heard about Habitat for Humanity from her sister in law, who had participated in Women Build. After seeing it for herself, she signed up to become a volunteer right away.

Noman & Iqra - A Home Purchased, A Journey Completed

After 12 years of renting, Noman, Iqra, and their resilient brood of five are now the proud owners of a Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta affordable home!    

Brenda's Journey: A Decade of Dedication

Meet Brenda, an incredible individual whose volunteer journey with Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta began in 2007, following her retirement from the Calgary Health Region. While she had occasionally volunteered before retiring, it was after stepping into retirement that Brenda truly became a regular within our organization. Over the years, Brenda's commitment has been nothing short of remarkable, contributing over 4,500 hours – the equivalent of nearly 188 days – to various aspects of our mission. 

Myth vs Fact: Habitat for Humanity

There are many things that Habitat for Humanity does in the communities we serve. However, there are also some myths about what Habitat does and how we operate.

Keep reading to learn the truth behind the Habitat for Humanity affordable homeownership model!




Homeowner Newsletter: October 13, 2023

Neighbor disputes and how to handle them:

Livingston Groundbreaking Press Release


Building a beautiful life

“We have friends who have told us we are lucky like we’ve won the lottery, but being lucky only lasts for a moment,” Avon says. "Instead, we feel blessed to own this home, and this feeling lasts a lifetime.” 

Be inspired by these festive families

In a year where nothing went as planned, 41 children are now celebrating their first holiday season in their new Habitat home. Their dreams of home came true this year -- we hope you find deep joy and peace in that.

LeeAnne's Corner

Hi everyone! If you don’t know, I’m LeeAnne and I am the Manager of Volunteer Services here at Habitat. A LOT has happened since our last update in October – but don't worry, I’ve got you covered. 😉

How two Habitat homeowners completed 500 volunteer hours

Life is busy. There’s no denying it. Every day it feels like it gets more complicated and the rollercoaster doesn’t stop.

But what if we told you that if you set a goal, you can achieve it? That there is a way you can improve your life in a tangible way?

How your donation helps families in a pandemic

Earlier this year, as an organization, we were put in a position we had never been before and urgent donations were needed to support our families who had lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

A safe home in a global pandemic

Some people never give up - no matter what. David and Myriam are those kind of people. Tragic events in Colombia forced them to lose everything, twice. Myriam lived alone in Canada for five years to get her family Permanent Residency. Then, once reunited in Canada, the family lived in the basement of Myriam’s sister’s home for four years.

Breaking ground in Medicine Hat: 'A place to finally call home.'

Friday, October 23, 2020 was a special day for the community of Medicine Hat. A day eight years in the making. A day that for Renee, a local resident, was “life-changing.”

How to complete 500 volunteer hours in Calgary

You have probably heard that volunteering is an important part of buying a home through Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta.

While the 500 volunteer hours can seem challenging at first, most homeowners have actually found them to be very rewarding!

Join our Digital Home Dedication

These past few months have seen tremendous uncertainty for all of us. Through it all, we’ve been reminded of the importance of having a safe and stable home.

Update from our Manager of Volunteer Services

Hi everyone, my name is LeeAnne! I'm the Manager of Volunteer Services at Habitat. Whether you're a current volunteer or just wanna get to know us better - let me catch you up on what's been happening over the last six months.

Riders pedal past COVID challenges to help families in need

The 2020 Ride Through The Rockies couldn’t have been more emblematic of the last six months. Many twists and turns, challenging ups and downs and riders going farther than they ever had before.

Since 2014, this event, sponsored by Star Building Materials, has brought the cycling community together and fundraised over $700,000 for Habitat for Humanity.

Celebrate 30 years

In 1990, Habitat for Humanity was formed in Calgary. It’s slogan back then was “Building Homes. Building Hope.”

Thank you will never be enough

From the construction site, to the ReStore, committees and office, volunteers are how Habitat’s affordable housing program comes together to help local families. In other words, we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you.

Three reasons to celebrate this summer

June 2020, three families moved into their Habitat homes. 

"My new favourite number is 3,796"

This year, we launched our first ever 50/50 raffle fundraiser, and the response was incredible!

Women helping women: a powerful movement

Typically, at this time of the year, we’d be wrapping up one of our most exciting fundraising events of the year: Women Build, presented by TC Energy.

Be inspired by these resilient families

What a unique time in our lives. All over the world we live on the razor’s edge, not knowing what will happen one day to the next. 

How to live generously, joyfully and not burn out

For some of us, we thought March would look a lot different when we were making our new year’s resolutions two months ago. Maybe you were fitter, happier, more accomplished. Whatever it was, instead of feeling disappointment, consider this the perfect time to reassess.

50 cents per day

Month to month, many families are faced with choosing between necessities like paying rent and buying food due to high housing costs. A monthly gift provides family's the opportunity to purchase a Habitat home -- and your impact is often greater over time.

Spring Build Update

Thanks to you, Habitat supporters, the new decade is off to a great start. Five families moved into their new home in Silvercreek, in Radisson Heights Bill has never seen volunteers frame so fast and we’ve sold two homes in Medicine Hat. Continue reading for your spring build update.

The beginning of a colourful life

Waking up to rainwater dripping into buckets. Making friends as the new kid and hoping it’s the last time. Keeping items in boxes because you know you’ll have to move again. For this family of three, that all ended when they picked up the keys to their home in Silver Springs, February 4th, 2020.

Volunteer Spotlight: Glenn

Glenn Winter has been contributing to Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta’s mission to help family’s build strength, stability and independence for the past 15 years. From volunteering his time on the Habitat board, construction site here in Calgary and internationally, and contributing as a monetary donor.

Hockey players become construction heroes

On Jan 11th, while most of us were hibernating, 16- and 17-year-old AA Canucks traded their helmets for hard hats on our Silvercreek site.

Case Study: a new way to finance your first home

The idea of buying your own home can be overwhelming.

When it comes to securing a down payment on top of paying your rent and supplying the necessities for your family, it can be hard to pull together the extra cash.

However, buying your own home can provide you with stability, offer you better living conditions and allow you to build equity. 

Here, we look at one instance where you could save up to 30% on your mortgage with a no interest Habitat mortgage compared to a traditional lender. 

The complete guide for the first-time homebuyer

When it comes time to make the move from renting to buying your first home, there are a lot of options to consider and ways to go about the buying process.

Pincher Creek's moment

Looking at the turbines on Pincher’s surging grassy hills, Nov 2nd was, by all outward appearances, a normal day for this ranching town. But what was unusual was hidden from the 70 km gusts of wind, in the quiet of a newly finished living and kitchen room, where 50 people gathered together for one purpose; celebrating the completion of two affordable homes in this historically windswept community.

Winter warriors: December build update

This year, 19 families proudly called themselves new homeowners and 43 children are celebrating their first holiday season in their new home.

Christmas in a Habitat home

Every time a family moves into their forever home this beautiful season becomes a little brighter. We talked to new homeowners to see how they’re celebrating Christmas. Scroll to see living rooms aglow, much gratitude and some holiday magic.

What do the holidays mean to you, in 2019?

Three Calgarians share what December means to them this year. Read their sweet traditions, inspiring generosity and how one Christmas will be the best yet.

Thad and Lisa's story: this house has changed our lives

Thad and Lisa have been married for almost 25 years and have three daughters between the ages of 18 and 23.

3 unique places to volunteer in Calgary this holiday season

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already in December and the holidays are quickly approaching!

This time of year tends to bring a desire to give back and make someone else’s season bright. But we’re all busy (especially at Christmas), and it can be hard to find something that fits our skills, interest and availability.

What home means to me

The number of times I have moved in the last 10 years can no longer be counted on my two hands, and my spot in my relatives’ address books is riddled with eraser marks for each time they have had to write a new address for me. The key to my story though is that each of these moves has been a choice that I have been able to make because I wanted to, not because I had to.

Five tips to increase the value of your home

It’s commonly known home renovations can be costly and often go above budget. But what you might be surprised to hear is not every reno will increase the value of your home. We sat down with CREB® REALTOR®, Clint Sanheim to get the scoop on home improvement. As an experienced realtor who has flipped houses in Calgary for 15 years, Clint knows how to get the most bang for your buck. Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or sometime in the future, here are five easy ways to increase the value of your home while keeping costs low.

How to bring positive change to yourself and your community

“How are you doing? Where are you going? What’s important now that wasn’t before?” are questions Ashlea Cook explored in an exercise called a Life Audit. This exercise is how she lands on a build site and although Habitat has had 92 wonderful groups volunteer this year, “probably once a year we get someone like Ashlea,” according to Kelsey who manages the Build Day program.

What's happened since you were here

On our sites over the last few months we’ve seen everything from framing and landscaping to the construction of sidewalks and Romeo and Juliet balconies.

With the recent Bowwood Dedication and projects entering finishing stages, we’re in an exciting time. Our donors and volunteers are the cement that brings these buildings together so they can take in the families in Southern Alberta that need it most. 

Fundraising cyclists prove we're better together

It is the beginning of the second day. Cyclists, Martine and Liz, are meeting for the first time on a bus shuttling them to the start of their 100 km plus ride. One will cycle towards Lake Louise, the other towards Kananskis. Later that day they will finish together hugging, with both of their lives changed. 

Flames Alumni shine on Habitat project

The Calgary Flames Alumni lived up to their namesake, “sparking” a flurry of activity on a Habitat construction site on August 22nd. 

Dreams are realized and partnerships celebrated at Bowwood Home Dedication

“Catch me! Catch me!” shouted Anna as she leaped. Her sparkly shoes nowhere in sight, she darted across the front lawn. Smiling mischievously, she looked over her shoulder at her brother Harry as the bottoms of her frilly white socks picked up the green hues of the fresh grass.

Robert's story: the sixth time's the charm

How could you describe Robert?

Volunteer Spotlight: Glenda

Always eager to lend a helping hand, Glenda was already busy volunteering at her grandchildren’s school when she decided to further her involvement in the community.

Sabahat's story: "From stressed to blessed"


Speaking to families about the transformational impact of home ownership is one of the best parts of my job.

I meet Sabahat in a cafeteria and I’m excited to hear her story. We dive right in.

Volunteer Spotlight: Peter

What had started as an excuse to “get out of the house a couple of times a week” has become a source of real joy for Peter.

Like most retirees, Peter was searching for something to keep his mind stimulated after calling it a career at Imperial Oil, ultimately electing to start volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in February of 2019.

Tips to help homeowners become more energy efficient provided by Enmax

 Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta recently received support from ENMAX to purchase energy efficiency appliances for the new homes built in Bowness.

But their support didn’t end there. On May 16, ENMAX hosted twelve families at the Calgary Zoo for an evening of energy education.

5 build updates to get you set for the summer


Summer is a busy time at Habitat, with many of our major projects in full swing. We have a ton of highlights from all over southern Alberta to share with you. Here’s what you need to know from all of Habitat’s current projects.

Pincher Creek

Construction on the Pincher Creek duplex is underway, after we broke ground in early June. We are proud to be working with Mike Mayer construction – a local builder in the area, with community partners engaging in Build Days  throughout the project.

Many hands made for light work at 2019 Women Build

Spring is in the air!

For most, this means the arrival of April showers and May flowers.

4 tips to take your dollar further in your family's home

What makes a house a home?

Well, let’s think about it.

If you were to use your own home as an example, you could probably point to any number of material items whose presence in your home transforms what is an otherwise ordinary condo into your own personal happy place. Perhaps you have a treasured piece of art, a lucky rabbit’s foot, or, if you’re  like Nicolas Cage, a prized collection of comic books.  

New affordable duplex in Okotoks complete thanks to community support

In February, we celebrated the completion of a duplex in the D'ARCY community of Okotoks that will provide affordable home ownership opportunities to two local families.

We were thankful to be joined by many of the supporters who have helped to make the project possible, along with Avon, Romano and their kids who recently moved into one of the homes.

Volunteer spotlight: Jeramie Khoury

Volunteering on the construction site for Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta has become a family affair for Jeramie Khoury and her family. 

"A light in the darkness:" Gina's journey to transformational stability

Gina, Audrey and Sam are a close-knit family of three.

Walking into their home, you’re greeted by the sweet smell of incense and a cozy sectional with colourful pillows covering virtually every inch.

4 build updates you won't want to miss

We are well into 2019, and we are looking forward to some exciting new construction projects this year.

Already this year, 8 of families have moved into their new Habitat homes in Okotoks and Calgary. We are projecting at least 17 more families will take occupancy throughout the rest of 2019.

Calgary Foundation: champions of community engagement

For nearly 65 years, Calgary Foundation has been a leader in building powerful connections between donors and community organizations.

4 affordable ways to stop renting and start buying your home in Calgary

Buying a home can seem overwhelming to moderate-income Calgarians. There are many barriers to consider and many questions that come up along the way.

Like can I afford it? How do I qualify? Will it be a good investment for my family? Does renting give me greater flexibility?

We asked kids to build their dream house out of Lego. This is what happened...

How do you find young families to get the information out about Habitat for Humanity?

You need to go where young families are and do what young families do! This was the thought process behind the Habitat Lego Build.

I sent out a Facebook message asking for Lego and shortly thereafter I received a response from Eliza, who turns out is a kindergarten teacher at the Livingstone School in Lundbreck. She mentioned that they had some Lego and asked how they could help.

The opportunity sounded like a good fit so we worked out a plan, ran it past the school principal, set a date, and away we went.

[Video] Thank You 2018

We wanted to say thank you, in 20 different ways

We didn't ask anybody to say thank-you for this video, we just put together existing footage of all the times this year we’ve been caught on camera saying it. We said it often, but we just can’t say it enough!

7 things you didn't know about buying a Habitat for Humanity home

We’ve all heard of Habitat for Humanity. (I mean, if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?).

Here at Habitat, we know that there are lots of different ideas swirling around out there about how our home ownership program works and who it’s for.

[Video] Bowness Home Dedication

On October 19th, we celebrated the completion of a four-plex in Bowness that will provide affordable home ownership opportunities to four Calgary families. We were joined by sponsors, donors, community partners and volunteers who have helped to make the project possible, along with the new Habitat homeowners.

"Today is a moment of celebration of our community coming together to help one another. You can see by the amount of people that are gathered here that the construction of these homes is no small feat."

-- Laura Dickson, Director of Families and Volunteers, Habitat for Humanity SOuthern Alberta

Safe and settled: Kristen and Anthony's story

Kristen, Anthony and their two boys, Dominic and Marcus, have lived in their Habitat home for two years now. They are finally settled. They enjoy and truly appreciate living in safe, family-oriented community.   

Volunteer Spotlight: George

Volunteers are a vital part of Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta, and without these dedicated individuals it would not be possible for Habitat to help families in our community. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to have met many amazing volunteers.

One volunteer in particular, George Proctor has been actively volunteering with Habitat for 26 years.

Build update: here's what's happening with Habitat in southern Alberta

 With 2018 coming to a close, it’s always nice to look back and reflect on how far we’ve come and how many people have been with us along the way.

There have been some incredible accomplishments, and it’s only possible through your support. Whether you’ve taken part in a Build Day, organized product at our ReStores, or made a donation large or small, every act of generosity is contributing to building a better community for us all.

CREB® Charitable Foundation announces $1M legacy gift to Habitat for Humanity

The room erupted with applause when CREB® Charitable Foundation president, Alyssa Campos announced a one million dollar partnership with Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta at the CREB® Charitable Foundation’s annual general meeting.

Volunteer Spotlight: Loretta

New to Medicine Hat, Loretta faithfully began volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore twice a week in January of 2018.

How 30 Calgary faith groups have raised $800K for Habitat for Humanity

There's something amazing about seeing a diverse group of people come together, especially when they’re from all different backgrounds and faith communities.

Avon and Romano's journey to homeownership

Avon and Romano, parents of Lorenzo [8] and Niña [4], are future Habitat homeowners in Okotoks.

Over the years, the family of four has struggled to find adequate housing that has met their budget.

However, despite the challenges they have faced, their faith has given them the resiliency to endure. The family describes themselves as:

“a family united in love, a family of faith and commitment.” 

The Larry Carey Charity Golf Classic raises $40,000

We’re all about families here at Habitat, so thank you to everyone at Carey Management for adopting us into your family for another year as a beneficiary of the Larry Carey Charity Golf Tournament.

Build update: a quick snapshot of what's happening around southern Alberta

What goes into a home? We could all name a few things – a lot of two-by-fours, a few windows, paint, and all those little finishing touches, of course.

Hockey helps Habitat

Hockey Helps the Homeless had been a huge supporter of Habitat for several years, so I had let them know that I’d be happy to help on the day of the event in any way that might be needed.

Putting the "home" back in homework

With the upcoming school year fast approaching, many families are starting to think about buying school supplies and registering for extra-curricular activities. For other families without a permanent residence, other things come to mind.

Puppy tales: Freida's place in the family

Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows that our furry (or in some cases, not so furry) companions are an integral part of the family.

Having a pet has both emotional and physiological benefits. The emotional bond that we form with our pets reduces stress and improves overall happiness.

[Video] Highlights from Women Build 2018

We were counting down the days to Women Build, presented by Excel Homes, all year and it didn’t disappoint! Your continued support has woven Women Build into the Habitat fabric, and made it something we can’t imagine going without.

[Video] Habitat welcomes families to the community of Pineridge

"Owning a home means putting down roots and having a space to truly call yours. This is a place where you can plan the future of your kids"

— Khalid, homeowner in Pineridge

On April 20, 2018, Habitat hosted a Home Dedication to celebrate completion of a multi-family development in Pineridge - future home to 24 families who purchased their new homes through our affordable home ownership mortgage program.

Build update: 6 months of activities in 6 minutes

It’s always amazing to see a home come together.

I mean, that’s what keeps us glued to every HGTV show until the last three minutes! (You do that too, right?)

But seeing a home come together is extra amazing when there are literally hundreds of people behind it and it’s transforming the lives of families.

Edgar (pictured below) is one of these families. He bought his Habitat home in Capitol Hill last fall and moved in with his two daughters, Natalia and Sofia.

“I saw the houses built by Habitat and was amazed with the attention to detail that goes into them; from the interior details, to the care and thought put into the design so that families not only have a house, but LOVE their home.”

- Edgar, homeowner in capitol hill


Because your support is at the centre of this success, we wanted to give you an update on where our builds are at.

Not because of the drywall and nails (although that’s fun too), but because of the way you have rallied behind these homes and these families, and because the impact you are having will last a lifetime. 

So let’s get into it. But be warned, cute children and heart-warming quotes to follow.

Build Update - March 2018

Our current build projects in Bowness and Pineridge are providing home ownership for dozens of families in our community. This would not be possible without the support of our donors and volunteers. Because of you, these families can now build long-term strength, stability and independence.

15 most frequently asked questions about Women Build


Women Build is one of our favourite times of the year.

It's amazing to see what happens when groups of inspired women come together and make a difference in their community.

Over the years, we've had lots of great questions come in from participants - from what to bring, to what's for lunch, to what kind of construction work is available - so we've rounded up the most frequently asked questions to help you know exactly what to expect!

From pipedreams to possibilities: Brandy's journey to stability through home ownership


Stuck by circumstance

Brandy is a single mother of Tyson (12) and Taya (7), living in Olds and working as a financial services representative at a major financial institution.

Every Kid Campaign - Daniela

“#EveryKid should have a home because it’s where they can go to feel safe and where they belong. If they have a rough day at school, they can come home and know that this is where they can be no matter what."

— Jessica, age 12

Video: Daniela and her kids speak to the importance of having a stable place to live 

From tragedy to triumph: one couple's journey to peace and stability


Sitting at the kitchen table in Kristen and Anthony’s charming home, you might think you're in the company of newlyweds.

This endearing couple playfully tease each other, laughing when their recollections don’t line up perfectly.

7 things to warm your heart on a cold November day


There's something bitter-sweet about the year coming to an end.

On the bitter side, there’s the weather (obviously), but on the sweet side, there’s the chance to look back and reflect on some pretty remarkable moments over the year.

A quick update on our current builds

Can you believe it's November? The year is quickly coming to a close and, as such, we thought that it was a good time to update you on some of the Habitat build projects in Bowness, Pineridge, and Olds. Check out the latest below:

Philanthropy in Action: Thank you to the Larry Carey Charity Golf Classic!

For 25 years the Larry Carey Charity Golf Classic has been raising money for local charities. This year they raised $35,000 in support of Habitat for Humanity!

Hosted by Carey Management and in honour of the late Larry Carey, founder of Wallace and Carey, this annual golf tournament brings together members of the Calgary community for a fun day of golf, food and drinks, all in the name of raising money for charity!

Think 130 golfers, over 60 dedicated volunteers, and (despite our record hot summer every other day), a freezing cold rainy morning topped with nostalgia and enthusiasm for a great cause.

This year for their 26th annual event they went above and beyond their fundraising goal of $25 000 (they raised $35 000) and had a great time doing it! Each hole had a unique 70’s theme (think Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Disco) and tons of food and prizes.

Ride through the Rockies provides passion with purpose

"It's difficult to put into words the feeling of pride we take away from this experience. We understand the importance of family and community and this will be our inspiration on our 2017 ride."

 - Dan and Toni Crockett


Introducing Sasha Petrovic: Ride through the Rockies Cyclist

Sponsored by Star Building Materials, "Ride through The Rockies" challenges cyclists to complete a four day, 410-kilometre journey through the Rocky Mountains. Together they raise money for Habitat for Humanity to help local families build strength, stability and independence through affordable home ownership.

Introducing Yan Shedrick: Ride Through the Rockies Cyclist

"Great leaders don't set out to be a leader ... they set out to make a difference. It's never about the role-always about the goal".

Sponsored by Star Building Materials, "Ride Through The Rockies" challenges cyclists to complete a four day, 410-kilometre journey through the Rocky Mountains. Together they raise money for Habitat for Humanity to help local families build stability and independence through affordable homeownership.

Yan Shedrick (second from the right in the picture above) will be participating in his third consecutive ride this September. He speaks about how he got involved with RTTR and how his childhood passion for cycling made him a perfect fit. 

3 things businesses are doing for families in Calgary and how your's can get involved

Have you ever thought about how your business is contributing to the community that supports you?

It’s easy, it’s fun, and it will surprise you what kind of difference you can make.

When it all comes together, great things end up happening. Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta (HFHSA) has many great supporters in our community who go above and beyond to bring strength, stability, and independence to local families. One such company is Cabinet Solutions and the entire Legacy Family of Companies. Here’s how they have stepped up to the plate:

Introducing Joel Souchotte: Ride Through the Rockies Participant

"What started as a way to simply challenge myself physically has developed into something far more powerful for me on many levels".

- Joel Souchotte

Sponsored by Star Building Material, "Ride Through The Rockies" challenges cyclists to complete a four day, 410-kilometre journey through the Rocky Mountains. Together they raise money for Habitat for Humanity to help local families build stability and independence through affordable home ownership. 

Joel Souchotte will be participating in his third consecutive ride this September. Here's what he had to say about the annual fundraiser, his experience as a participant, and the impact it has.

4 Highlights from Women Build 2017

Calgary women join forces to learn, build and provide the foundations for a better future for families in Pineridge

"What an amazing day! Such a great opportunity to bond with the other women at work outside of the office setting! Thank you for letting us be part of this".

- WOmen Build Participant

Between May 4th and May 27th, more than 200 local women came together for seven build days. Along with fundraising and building Habitat homes in the neighbourhood of Pineridge, participants engaged with their coworkers and friends in a meaningful way, building lasting impact in the community.

Here are some highlights to celebrate the participants, the fundraising efforts, and their impact:

Homes by Avi takes on Habitat for Humanity Women Build

"Women build is so important because it is women helping women achieve the dream we all want.” 

Habitat for Humanity Build Days honour and remember volunteer crew leader Nigel Teucher

Sue said she was touched by Chinook Financial's initiative to organize Build Days in Nigel's memory

“I don't think there are many bosses who were so well loved that their organization would do something like this years after their retirement."

Nigel Teucher , a volunteer Crew Leader, passed away earlier this spring. To honour and remember his commitment to Habitat for Humanity, his former employer, Chinook Financial alongside his wife Sue Teucher , organized build days on June 8th, 20th, and 29th dedicated as “Nigel Builds.” Nigel was the General Manager/CEO of this local credit union from the mid-1990s to 2010 when he retired. 

Sue began volunteering with Habitat in 2007 and Nigel in 2012. Together they have amassed nearly 2,000 combined volunteer hours assisting at the Calgary ReStore, working with local Habitat chapters, and helping on the construction of 13 Habitat homes in southern Alberta. We posted a volunteer spotlight on the pair last year.

We spoke with Sue about her and Nigel’s time volunteering with Habitat and why “Nigel Builds” was significant to her.

Celebrating hard-working women this Mother's Day

"I build because it is the epitome of a community coming together for one purpose and serving a greater cause." 

susan, future habitat for humanity homeowner

Meet Susan, future Habitat for Humanity homeowner

Life is full of dreams and desires waiting to be fulfilled, as well as many hardships to overcome. Some people enjoy going through these processes, and all the ups and downs, whereas others can only find joy when the trials are over!

I can identify with all ends of the spectrum, but through my own journey, I’ve come to realize that contentment comes with being at peace and recognizing that each day is a gift. Opportunities are endless.  

I’m a big proponent of never giving up hope and of stepping out and trying something new - you never know what’s waiting on the other side! 

Excel Homes building futures with Habitat for Humanity's Women Build


Women Build is bringing the community together to build strength, stability and independence for families through affordable home ownership

As a fellow homebuilder, Excel Homes has a unique perspective on what this means for families in Calgary, and they've made a significant investment Women Build as our Building Futures Title Sponsor.

Introducing Sheri Bruneau: Women Build Fundraiser

"#IBuildBecause stable housing is one of our basic needs without which we cannot meet our other needs."

Sheri Bruneau, 2017 Women Build Fundraiser

Introducing Alanna Maria: Women Build Fundraiser

“#IBuildBecause as a mother I can’t imagine not having affordable, safe housing for my children.”

Alanna Maria, 2017 women build fundraiser.

Restore weekly product deals

Save on amazing ReStore weekly product deals while building stability for families in Southern Alberta

ReStore is a great place to find thousands of items under one roof at 40-60% below regular retail price. You can find new and gently used furniture, appliances, cabinets, flooring, paint, building supplies and much more.

[Video] meet Tara Nelson: Women Build Ambassador

Tara Nelson of CTV Calgary is stepping forward to advocate for the need for affordable housing in our city

Restore weekly product deals

Save on amazing ReStore weekly product deals while building stability for families in Southern Alberta

ReStore is a great place to find thousands of items under one roof at 40-60% below regular retail price. You can find new and gently used furniture, appliances, cabinets, flooring, paint, building supplies and much more.

Meet Brenda Fischer and her story of building change

#IBuildBecause I want to give back to my community and have a chance to work alongside crew leaders, volunteers and homeowners to make a difference for families.

- Brenda Fischer

“It is important to me that I’m able to give back to my community because I have lots of blessings in my life and housing is a basic need that I don’t think we pay enough attention to.”

[Video] Introducing Monica Kretschmer: Women Build Ambassador

Monica is one of six Calgary women stepping forward to advocate for the need for affordable housing in our city

Right now, more than 4,000 people are on the waitlist for social housing in Calgary. Our city is expensive, and women and children are the populations most likely to be affected by unstable living conditions.

Monica, along with five other local women, has taken on the role of Women Build Ambassador, to mobilize the community to address the need for affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity's Women Build

Restore weekly product deals

Save on amazing ReStore weekly product deals while building stability for families in Southern Alberta

ReStore is a great place to find thousands of items under one roof at 40-60% below regular retail price. You can find new and gently used furniture, appliances, cabinets, flooring, paint, building supplies and much more.

[Video] Introducing Grace Dafoe: Women Build Ambassador

Grace is one of six Calgary women stepping forward to advocate for the need for affordable housing in our city

Right now, more than 4,000 people are on the waitlist for social housing in Calgary. Our city is expensive, and women and children are the populations most likely to be affected by unstable living conditions.

Grace, along with five other local women, has taken on the role of Women Build Ambassador, to mobilize the community to address the need for affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity's Women Build. 

[Video] Introducing Cassie Hawrysh: Women Build Ambassador

Cassie is one of six Calgary women stepping forward to advocate for the need for affordable housing in our city

Right now, more than 4,000 people are on the waitlist for social housing in Calgary. Our city is expensive, and women and children are the populations most likely to be affected by unstable living conditions.

Cassie, along with five other local women, has taken on the role of Women Build Ambassador, to mobilize the community to address the need for affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity's Women Build

ReStore weekly product deals

Save on amazing ReStore weekly product deals while building stability for families in Southern Alberta

ReStore is a great place to find thousands of items under one roof at 40-60% below regular retail price. You can find new and gently used furniture, appliances, cabinets, flooring, paint, building supplies and much more.

6 Calgary women step forward as Habitat for Humanity Women Build Ambassadors


Local women working together to advocate for affordable housing in Calgary

Right now, more than 4,000 people are on the waitlist for social housing in Calgary. Our city is expensive, and women and children are the populations most likely to be affected by unstable living conditions.

5 things to know to prepare for your Women Build day

It's finally here. You've fundraised like a pro and now you're ready to get out and build!

If you've never participated in Women Build or been on a Habitat for Humanity site before, chances are you're wondering a few things. How do I get there? What do I wear? Will they feed me?

 Keep reading to find out exactly how to prepare for your Women Build day.

6 steps to becoming a successful fundraiser

How to go from a first-time fundraiser to an experienced pro

Fundraising can seem a little bit daunting at first, but all it takes is a little persistence and creativity, and we’ve got your back.

Volunteer Spotlight: Peggy Bell

“#IBuildBecause its a way for me to stay involved with my community. It’s a way for me to help others that need a hand. It’s a way for me to see the significant impact that safe housing has on the children and the parents.”

— Peggy Bell


Meet Peggy Bell – one of the longest-standing volunteers at the Habitat for Humanity. She has started volunteering with us more than ten years ago, and since then she has contributed to many build projects in Calgary and around the world.

Build Update: January 23-29, 2017

Pineridge Place, Calgary

Pineridge is one of the biggest projects we’re working on right now. This development will consist of six four-plexes providing stable housing for 24 families in the community of Pineridgewill.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jeffrey

Jeffrey has been volunteering with ReStore since February of 2015!

Foothills Chapter Annual Online Auction Returns

The Foothills Chapter is gearing up for our fourth annual online auction, hosted by Elevate Auctions.

Build Update: January 16-22, 2017

Pineridge Place, Calgary

This development is a new project that is located in the northeast Calgary community of Pineridge. The project will consist of six four‐plexes. Currently we have finished two four-plexes, and another two are being under construction.

Build Update: January 09-14, 2017

Pineridge Place, Calgary

Pineridge development is a new project that is located in the northeast Calgary community of Pineridgewill. The project will consist of six four‐plexes. Currently we have finished two four-plexes, and another two are being under construction.

Thank you for building strength, stability and independence

As 2016 draws to a close, we reflect on what our community’s support has accomplished for families this year at Habitat for Humanity.

This year we completed 18 homes and began construction on 19 new homes in Southern Alberta. This means 63 children are enjoying this holiday season in a home they can call their own.

Give the gift of home for the holidays

We’re facing an urgent affordable housing crisis.

Right now, 1 in 5 Canadian families is spending more than half their income on housing costs alone. This leaves them living paycheque to paycheque, working multiple jobs to make ends meet, and sometimes, making the unthinkable choice between paying rent or putting healthy meals on the table for their children.

Build Update: August 10, 2016

Pineridge Place, Calgary

Pineridge is a large neighbourhood in NE Calgary that’s near to Rundle and Marlborough. The Pineridge Place development will consist of six fourplexes built over several years. One fourplex is complete and two more are currently under construction.

Thank you, AREF and CREB!

Over the past year, the Alberta Real Estate Foundation (AREF) and the CREB Charitable Foundation (CREB) have supported Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta with $50,000 in build funding. On top of that, 47 of their members have participated in 3 Build Days at the 24 home development in Pineridge, Calgary.

Volunteer at the Home + Design Show

The Calgary Home + Design Show needs your help. If you're willing to volunteer as a greeter or a ticket-taker then we can get you into the show for free. Parking and transit will be reimbursed and, even better, there will be food provided to all volunteers.

Family Story: Ali and Amina

My wife and I are very proud parents of four beautiful children. Over the years I worked hard, I even worked two jobs to provide financial stability and a better future to my children. Still, it is challenging for me to use only one income to provide for the whole family. More than fifty percent of my income goes to rent and utilities, even though we have tried to live in many different communities.

Build Update: July 25, 2016

Redstone, Calgary

Family Story: Susan

Seven years ago I became a single mother of two and returned to the workforce feeling unequipped and unprepared.

My dream of owning a home felt unreachable and homeownership was no longer one of my goals in life.

As my children's primary caregiver, simply generating an income to support my family with the basic necessities and being present to shape and influence their lives was my top priority! While we feel blessed to have all our current needs met, there is sacrifice and struggle to make ends meet each month.

Build Update: June 28, 2016

Redstone, Calgary

Family Story: Arshad and Sherin

My name is Sherin and my husband is Arshad. We are a family of six all together; we have two girls and two boys.

We have seen a lot while we lived in Kurdistan Iraq, the house my family owned was destroyed by the horrible war that started in 1991. We ended up homeless, so my dad said we needed to get out ASAP. We fled to Canada while Arshad left for Sweden.

Volunteer Spotlight: Nigel and Sue

Sue and Nigel Teucher are regular weekly volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. Sue has been volunteering with Habitat in Calgary since May 2008. It was a life long dream of hers to give back to the community through Habitat, and her retirement allowed her the time to fulfill this dream. In 2013, after three years of semi-retirement, Nigel retired completely which also allowed him to donate some of his time to Habitat.

Foothills Chapter June Newsletter


Check out our newsletter for upcoming events, supporter spotlights, volunteer opportunities and more!

Family Story: Azeb

Azeb immigrated to Canada after spending seven years in a Kenyan refugee camp. Her brother lived in Calgary and she was grateful for the opportunity to be reunited, but life in a new city became steadily more difficult for Azeb as a single mother looking to establish a stable foundation for her daughter, Sipran.

One last round of thanks!

Women Build is a huge fundraiser and it takes a the entire city to make it a reality. The organizations below contributed in different ways - some cooked food, some donated money, some fundraised like crazy - but they all had to come together for the event to work. This is our final shoutout to everyone and every company who made Women Build such a great success!

Build Update: June 8, 2016

Redstone, Calgary

Thank you, Carrington Lighting

Building homes costs money. A single home will cost us around $250,000, once you've included the cost of land, permits, materials and skilled labour. Fortunately, we have community partners who support our builds and lower our costs by donating their building materials to us.

Volunteer Spotlight: Terry

Habitat for Humanity Foothills salutes another amazing High River volunteer, Terry, who signed up after attending the Ground-Breaking Ceremony and answered the call for local volunteers.

High River Elm Tree Provides New Life

When we had to remove one of the Elm trees from our High River Habitat build site one of our committee volunteers contacted her wood turner neighbour, Allan Palmer. Allan is a retired Vancouver police officer who moved to Okotoks ten years ago and was looking for a new hobby.

Volunteer Spotlight: Joann

Habitat for Humanity Foothills salutes our hard-working volunteers. Local High River volunteer Joann brings so much life and fun to our monthly Chapter meetings.

Volunteer Spotlight: Bill

A big shout-out to Bill, one of our new, very dedicated Habitat for Humanity Crew Leaders from High River. A Crew Leader is a volunteer who works on the build site leading teams of other volunteers.

Women Build YYC


If we had to pick one word to describe Women Build YYC, that would be it. Calgary's women fundraisers smashed through their initial fundraising goal of $50,000 in less that two weeks and their final total was more than double that: $124,469. They showed us all that every woman has the power to change the world.

Build Update: May 25, 2016

Redstone, Calgary

New opportunities with Habitat for Humanity Mountain View

Are you looking for a hands-on way to get actively involved in your community?

Habitat for Humanity Mountain View is currently accepting applications for new members to join our Chapter Committee. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of one of the most widely-recognized non-profits in the world and bring strength, stability and self-reliance to families in Mountain View through affordable home ownership.

Volunteer Spotlight: Keith Thompson

Meet Keith, our Volunteer Extraordinaire! Keith has volunteered at ReStore once per week since September of 2014! Keith enjoys walking and shopping in his free time. When asked what he likes about volunteering with us at ReStore, he told us he enjoys making new friends and cleaning the ReStore to make it look nice.  The ReStore staff noted that Keith is a hard worker, determined, efficient, and always smiling and pleasant.

Build Update: May 12, 2016

Ravenswood, Airdrie

Thank you, Treval Foundation Spray

When you're building a house, every little detail matters. Small holes can let in wind and rain, going unnoticed at first but potentially causing huge issues in ten or twenty years. These issues can include strange odours, higher heating bills, damaged foundations and more.

Foothills Chapter April Newsletter

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Monthly DIY Challenge

You love to DIY. We love to see what you create. That's why we're running the DIY Challenge again in July.

Build Update: April 25, 2016

Redstone, Calgary

Family Story: Arienne

Arienne is a single mom with two children, Grayden, her 16-year old son, and Dominick, her 10-year old daughter. They share their home with two cuddly pet cats. Arienne works as a teacher’s aide for the local school board and holds another part-time job to help make ends meet.

The effects of housing insecurity on women

Women Build Ambassadors (from left to right): Carol, Saba, Tara, Angie, Nichole, Vanisha

Build Update: April 11, 2016

Pineridge, Calgary

Thank you, Bluebird Contracting Services

Bowness site prior to demolition.

Foothills Chapter March Newsletter


Build Update: March 16, 2016

Ravenswood, Airdrie

Volunteer Spotlight: Peggy Bell

Peggy Bell is a woman who wears a lot of different hats. Lucky for us, some of them are hardhats.

Peggy started as a crew leader in 2005, the year after she officially retired. Since then, she has personally contributed more than 1,000 hours of her time towards building homes in and around Calgary. On the build site, she enjoys doing the notoriously finicky painting and finishing work inside the house, but she definitely isn't afraid to get out into the mud either.

Women Build Ambassador: Carol Rees

I’ve been a Habitat home owner for almost 15 years now. I’m a single mother of twin girls and before Habitat, I was struggling financially to support the three of us – in ten years we moved eleven times and it was very, very difficult.

Women Build Ambassador: Nichole Horvath

As a future Habitat home owner, this will be my first Women Build experience and I’m most looking forward to all of the people I’m going to meet.

I’m on my own journey and I’ve always wanted to be part of this world of empowerment, so to have it right front of me is unbelievable. I can’t even imagine what I’m about to go into, but I’m excited about it.

Women Build Ambassador: Saba Hailemariam

Last year was my first time at Women Build and I helped build a home all day long! It was honestly one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life. To know that I was helping a family significantly is priceless – that feeling is priceless.

Women Build Ambassador: Tara Nelson

I’ve been part of Women Build for five years now and my favourite part about it is the solidarity between all of the women that are out on the work site.

Tara Nelson - CTV News anchor, Women Build Ambassador

Women Build Ambassador: Angie Shilliday

I love Women Build! It’s the best opportunity to prove to everyone that women can empower each other and help the community.

I love experiencing the female comradery and then seeing the final product after a day of work, knowing that what we’ve done is going to serve a family well for their future.

Angie Shilliday - Mrs. Canada International 2014, Women Build Ambassador

Women Build Ambassador: Vanisha Breault

I became a Habitat home owner nearly four years ago, and it felt like winning the lottery.

It’s been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.

Having the security of owning my own home has allowed me to focus on so many other things in life. I don’t have the huge stressor of where my family’s going to live or if we can afford to live there anymore.

Build Update: February 29, 2016

Ravenswood, Airdrie

John Digman on the Pam and Peggy Show

Welcome to the team, Henry!

Henry working in Airdrie. February, 2016

Build Update: February 16, 2016

Pineridge, Calgary

Thank you, Fluor Canada

Homes aren't cheap to build. Even our homes, built in part by volunteers, cost around $250,000 per door once you've added everything up. Thankfully, there are companies in the communities we build in that see the lives they can change and offer us their support. Fluor Canada is one of these companies.

Volunteer Spotlight: Devin Skoblack

Devin has been volunteering for ReStore since October of 2014. He is faithful with his twice weekly shifts, helping ReStore sparkle and shine, no matter the weather!

Family Story: Janice and Tyler

My husband and I are the proud parents of four beautiful daughters. Our lives changed dramatically when our last daughter Katie was born.

Foothills Chapter January Newsletter


Build Update: February 1, 2016

Pineridge, Calgary

Thank you, Bravura Engineering

Redstone, Calgary - July 3, 2015

Build Update: January 18, 2016

Pineridge, Calgary

High River families get new start in Habitat homes

Approximately 50 people braved the cold with Macleod MP John Barlow today to celebrate the hand-over of new Habitat homes to two High River families. The duplex, located on 5th Avenue SE in High River, represents the culmination of years of work by the Foothills Chapter of Habitat for Humanity and contributions from across the community.

Volunteer Spotlight: Noel Thomas

Noel was introduced to Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta five years ago by fellow volunteer Clem Leforce. Noel has volunteered with many Habitat builds, special events and fundraisers. Now, he helps out at the Medicine Hat ReStore and is willing to lend a hand when needed.

Build Update: December 22, 2015

5th Ave, High River

Foothills Chapter December Newsletter

Progress in Pineridge

Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta opened our latest build site to volunteers just after our official groundbreaking ceremony on November 12. If you saw the site then and now you would not believe your eyes. The first fourplex has gone from a hole in the ground to something that looks like a house, with a framed basement, first floor walls and a rough second floor. The second fourplex wasn’t even a hole in the ground during the ceremony, and now it’s ready for to have the first floor walls raised.

Family Story: Nichole

Nichole believes that where there is a will – there is a way! Her oldest children Robert (15) and Mykalya (14) were born just eleven months apart and Micheal (12) followed three years later. The family fled domestic violence in 2005 and Nichole has raised her children on her own for the past ten years.

Build Update: December 7, 2015

Pineridge, Calgary

Volunteer Spotlight: Johnathan

Johnathan has volunteered 220 hours since he began working with us in May! He enjoys skateboarding, interior painting, seasonal decorating, video games and he is an attentive big brother to his foster siblings.

Build Update : November 23, 2015

Pineridge, Calgary

Winter Warriors

A warrior is a confident, powerful change-maker. A warrior doesn’t shy away from a challenge. A warrior accepts the challenge and conquers the challenge. Do you have what it takes to be a true warrior?

Family Story: Yair and Diana

Life is the most amazing book that we write every day and the chapters already in it provide the strength to write the ones to come.

Build Update: November 9, 2015

5 Ave, High River

Foothills Chapter November Newsletter

Build Update: October 26, 2015

Redstone, Calgary

Sponsor Highlight: Quigley Electric

Quigley Electric is proud to be a part of the Habitat for Humanity project in High River.

Build Update: October 14, 2015

5th Ave, High River

Keep Calm and Build On!

Generation Y is a generation of doers. It’s a generation that knows the value of making meaning and making a mark. And it’s a generation that has the energy, the passion and the ambition to turn good intentions into tangible results.

Home dedication in celebration of World Habitat Day

Today at noon, we will welcome 14 families into homeownership at a home dedication in the northeast community of Redstone.

Today also marks World Habitat Day – the one day set aside globally to reflect on the basic right to adequate shelter – so it is a special time to celebrate the impact that Habitat has made right here in Calgary.

Build Update: September 29, 2015

Redstone, Calgary

Ride Through the Rockies breaking the cycle of poverty

On Thursday, September 24, 26 cyclists embarked on the first leg of a four day journey through the Rocky Mountains as participants of the second annual Ride Through the Rockies, sponsored by Star Building Materials. The ride began in Cochrane and over the next four days, the cyclists travelled to Canmore, Lake Louise, Kananaskis, and back to Cochrane – a 375 kilometre round-trip journey.

Build Update: September 14, 2015

Redstone, Calgary

Raise the Roof Dinner and Barn Dance

Do you enjoy Western music and love to dance?

Join the Foothills Chapter of Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta, along with Glen Brown and the Western Swing Project as we continue to raise funds to complete our first duplex build underway in High River.

Foothills Chapter September Newsletter

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Medicine Hat Chapter Fall Newsletter

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25 Years - 25 Photos

As of Saturday, August 15, 2015, Habitat for Humanity has been building hope in Southern Alberta for 25 years. It's hard to believe that it's been that long, but we found photographic evidence to prove it! So, take some time and enjoy this journey through the ages, starting with our very first partner family!

Build Update: August 24, 2015

Redstone, Calgary