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Architects of Hope

Donating monthly is a convenient, affordable way to give to a cause you care about.

You can invest an amount that makes sense for you and have an incredible impact over the course of your membership.

It takes less than five minutes to sign up on our secure website. You’ll automatically receive an annual tax receipt, so you can see your impact over the entire year.

You will see how your monthly donations are having an impact over time.

As an Architect of Hope, you will receive an annual update on the families you’ve impacted first-hand, so you can see the difference you’re making in your community.

Last year, donors like you helped 25 families and 66 children into affordable home ownership.

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Join a community of like-minded, forward-thinking people.

Monthly donors like you - our Architects of Hope - help to ensure that Habitat has a reliable source of funding all year long.

As part of this important group, you'll receive insider updates about future builds and their impact.

Supporting Habitat monthly is more manageable for me. In donating monthly, I donate more on an annual basis than I would if I were giving once per year.


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Donate one time

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"I am well-aware that many folks have experienced hardships that we can only imagine. As a regular donor , I can play a small part in helping others build their futures." 


Steve Goodchild