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Thad and Lisa's story: this house has changed our lives

Posted by Lisa Hallet on Dec 5, 2019 2:28:34 PM


Thad and Lisa have been married for almost 25 years and have three daughters between the ages of 18 and 23.

One of the things that’s unique about their family is that their three daughters have special needs.

In 2002, they were living in a small condo, navigating several sets of stairs – which was not at all suitable their daughter in a wheelchair – and paying too much in rent.

Thad worked as a contractor for a well-established IT company in Calgary. Lisa was a homemaker and cared for their girls.

Life before Habitat was very difficult. The family recalls moving once every 18 months, always looking for a better rate, or a house that was more suited to their girls’ needs. Lisa recalls holes in the door frame of one rental where wind and snow would leak in.

That, coupled with mold growing in the insulation, meant the family was sick often.“But it was all we could afford.”

“We wanted to give our girls a happy, safe place to life,” Thad emphasizes.

But he kept running the numbers and coming back to the same conclusion: there was no way they could care for their girls and save for a down payment. “It was impossible.”

Seventeen years ago – in December of 2002 – Thad and Lisa received a phone call that would change the rest of their lives. They were approved to buy a home through Habitat for Humanity.


Today, they reflect on how the stability of that home has benefited their family. Thad was able to go to post-secondary, upgrade his education, and secure a better job. And, they credit the home to their
daughter’s ability to walk.

“This house has given us stability,” Lisa reflects. “That stability gives our girls confidence, and the confidence helps them to reach their goals and surpass what we thought was possible.”

Thad echoes the same sentiment. “This house has changed our lives.”

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