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Family Story: Arshad and Sherin

Posted by Habitat Admin on Jun 29, 2016 9:46:37 AM


My name is Sherin and my husband is Arshad. We are a family of six all together; we have two girls and two boys.

We have seen a lot while we lived in Kurdistan Iraq, the house my family owned was destroyed by the horrible war that started in 1991. We ended up homeless, so my dad said we needed to get out ASAP. We fled to Canada while Arshad left for Sweden.

Arshad and SherinWe met again in 2005, in Sweden. Arshad was living there in a single room that was his kitchen, his bathroom, literally his entire house - and he shared it with a roommate. We married and returned to Canada.

My family still experiences horrible flashbacks. The house we once owned had been destroyed right before our eyes. We had so many memories, pictures and valuable things in that home, but that wasn’t important – we have each other now.

I’m 33 and my husband is 43 and while we are still devastated by what happened, we always say to each other we will one day become home owners and provide a safe place for our family to grow.

With this home and with this affordable mortgage, our dream will soon become a reality. We will be able to set aside money for our kids’ education which will provide them with the opportunity to get the best possible schooling so their children won’t have to grow up in a low-income situation.

When I told my kids that we will be partnering with Habitat for Humanity they literally ran out the door to tell their friends.  We were all so excited. We look forward to purchasing our home and making our dreams, and even more importantly, our kids’ dreams come true.


Sherin & Arshad


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