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CREB® Charitable Foundation announces $1M legacy gift to Habitat for Humanity

Posted by Katie Norris on Nov 21, 2018 9:11:29 AM


The room erupted with applause when CREB® Charitable Foundation president, Alyssa Campos announced a one million dollar partnership with Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta at the CREB® Charitable Foundation’s annual general meeting.

The million-dollar gift will be allocated over the next three years toward the recently approved Silvercreek Legacy development, future home to 32 families with children in the community of Silver Springs.

"This is exactly what the foundation was created for," said Rob Campbell, former CREB® Charitable Foundation President.



Campbell attended the Bowness Home Dedication in November 2017 where he was able to meet Habitat families.

Most notably, he met a little boy named Himmy who was excited to show Campbell his bedroom in his new house.

Himmy’s joy was shared by his five year old sister, Asiya. “I love this home for real, I love it one hundred thousand million!”


Bowness Home Dedication

Himmy (middle) and Asiya (front) with their dad and sister, Houda,
at the Bowness Home Dedication


As realtors, CREB® members understand the value of home ownership for everyone

The benefits go far beyond purchasing a physical structure.

For families, home ownership means improvements in finances, school performance, community engagement, as well as physical and mental health.

Realtors also understand the choices that families make when choosing a community in which to purchase a home.

Overall safety, access to schools, public transportation and other amenities all influence a family’s decision to buy a home.

CREB Charitable Foundation's President Alyssa Campos with Habitat for Humanity's CEO Gerrad Oishi during a Build Day in Bowness

CREB® Charitable Foundation's President Alyssa Campos with Habitat for Humanity's CEO Gerrad Oishi during a Build Day in Bowness


Partnering with Habitat is a statement of the foundation’s values – they believe in providing working families with an opportunity to enter the housing market.

They also understand that home ownership benefits the broader community and that for many families in Calgary, home ownership feels out of reach.

Working towards a solution

The City of Calgary has put forth a strategy to address the lack of decent and affordable housing for families.

The initiative focuses on increasing the number of non-market housing units available in Calgary by 2025.

The Silvercreek build aligns with the City’s affordable housing strategy as it is a step forward in providing more families in Calgary with the opportunity to buy their first home through an affordable mortgage.

CREB board members take on a Build Day in the Calgary community of Bowness


Realtors from CREB® have been doing Build Days with Habitat for years now, but this summer, board members from both the CREB® Charitable Foundation and Habitat came together for a special Build Day at the Bowwood build site (pictured below).

It was a chance to celebrate the partnership in style – by getting to work!

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