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Brenda's Journey: A Decade of Dedication

Posted by Habitat Admin on Dec 12, 2023 3:06:59 PM

Brenda and her Husband Glen volunteering on a Habitat build site

Meet Brenda, an incredible individual whose volunteer journey with Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta began in 2007, following her retirement from the Calgary Health Region. While she had occasionally volunteered before retiring, it was after stepping into retirement that Brenda truly became a regular within our organization. Over the years, Brenda's commitment has been nothing short of remarkable, contributing over 4,500 hours – the equivalent of nearly 188 days – to various aspects of our mission. 


Brenda's involvement extends beyond a singular role; she has served as Board Chair, volunteered at the ReStore and various Habitat fundraisers, and currently dedicates her time to construction sites, actively participating in the creation of homes for those in need. Reflecting on her experience, Brenda shared, “It's just such an amazing group of people. It's important that people know you do not have to be ‘handy’ but just want to work with others. It's such an amazing, diverse group, and they will keep you wanting to come back.” 


Her impact isn't confined to local efforts; Brenda has been a part of 15 International Habitat Builds, spanning countries like Mexico, Chile, Portugal, Guatemala, Cambodia, and even contributing to a Jimmy Carter build in Thailand. When asked about her motivation, Brenda expressed her love for hearing homeowner stories and witnessing their dedication to hard work. "They are always so grateful," she added. 


Framing holds a special place in Brenda's heart as her favorite task on the construction site, citing the ability to see rapid progress. Beyond her Habitat commitments, Brenda generously volunteers for Imagine Citizens Network and the Bethany Seniors organizations, showcasing her selflessness and dedication to our community. 


Outside the world of volunteering, Brenda enjoys spending time on her acreage with her husband, Glen, who will be featured in next month's spotlight. Together they manage a farm and their garden. 


Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta is truly honored to have Brenda as a cherished and dedicated volunteer. If you ever find yourself volunteering alongside Brenda on a construction site, be sure to say hi. Her warm welcome and wealth of knowledge will undoubtedly add to your volunteer experience and leave a lasting impression on your journey with us.