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Family Story: Susan

Posted by Habitat Admin on Jul 21, 2016 2:46:43 PM


Seven years ago I became a single mother of two and returned to the workforce feeling unequipped and unprepared.

My dream of owning a home felt unreachable and homeownership was no longer one of my goals in life.

As my children's primary caregiver, simply generating an income to support my family with the basic necessities and being present to shape and influence their lives was my top priority! While we feel blessed to have all our current needs met, there is sacrifice and struggle to make ends meet each month.

I am aware that many families experience pressure in life, but I can't express how difficult it feels. It feels as though I don't have enough of what it takes to offer my children what they deserve in life.

I want them to be strong, physically and emotionally, to fulfill their passions and positively impact and influence the world around them. Health, security and stability are the things I don't want my children to have to fight for.

I am beyond blessed to be chosen and see the opportunity to partner with Habitat as more than homeownership; it brings hope to our lives to know that anything is possible! My children can have stability in their lives and will have a strong start on their journey towards successful living.

My kids were astounded to hear we have been chosen to partner with Habitat and they feel as though they are part of a miracle. I am excited to dream new dreams with my children — to develop new skills, meet new people and to help and serve others in the same way.

Susan bought her home through Habitat for Humanity in November 2017. Learn more about owning a home.

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