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Noman & Iqra - A Home Purchased, A Journey Completed

Posted by Habitat Admin on Feb 7, 2024 2:43:20 PM

After 12 years of renting, Noman, Iqra, and their resilient brood of five are now the proud owners of a Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta affordable home!    

This family’s story is one of resilience, community support and the bright promise of a future filled to the brim with possibilities. Stepping into their freshly minted Habitat home isn't just opening a door; it's running headfirst into a promising future of new stories and cherished memories.  

“I’m going to paint my room green!” said Sabeeh declares with excitement about his brand-new bedroom. The room is a sanctuary of self-expression and the first space he can truly call his own.

DSC_7624 resized

Noman, Iqra, and their children celebrating possession of their brand-new affordable townhome


Before moving, Subhan, the eldest son, told us,  “Right now, I can’t play outside. It’s not safe.” Now, in their new home, the safety net extends beyond the walls into the neighbourhood. Iqra has a newfound peace of mind knowing her kids can safely play outside – whether in the backyard, out front with the neighbours, or across the street on the cricket pitch. Her hope for a haven came true allowing the family space and freedom to play outside without the worries that plagued their previous living arrangements. 

Navigating the rental market was downright challenging for Noman and his family, marred by frequent moves becoming an exhausting routine. The transient lifestyle turned into an exhausting occurrence; each relocation brought new struggles piling on to the constant issues brought on by the tightening rental market. Rent prices, ever on the rise, added a constant financial strain, squeezing tighter with each lease renewal.  

"I said, 'God, please show me the way to get out of being a renter,'" Noman confided—a plea for stability, almost begging for a place for roots to take hold and shatter the relentless cycle of uncertainty and instability. Noman's path to becoming a Habitat homeowner mirrors his journey as a hardworking Canadian navigating the workforce for over a decade. Since 2011, he's ascended from custodian to shift supervisor. Fueled by sheer perseverance and steadfast determination, Noman pushed through to create a better life for his family.  

Noman and iqra volunteering

Noman and Iqra volunteering on site in Cornerstone

The walls, once just studs, drywall, screws, and tape, now echoes with the life and laughter of the new residents who can call this collection of materials their permanent home. Their home windows don’t just frame a view of the beautifully landscaped backyard; they show a future of boundless possibilities and a vision of the strength of community that banded together to breathe life into Noman and Iqra’s dream.  

“I can’t wait to make that tree grow big and strong,” mused Sabeeh, his gaze fixated beyond his bedroom window, onto the backyard and the limitless horizon. 

DSC_7594 (1)

All the kids admiring their view and new backyard

Noman and Iqra's tale stands as a testament to the power of community spirit. From the idea to apply for the Habitat homeowner program to the first twist of the key unlocking the front door, the Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta community radiated compassion, dedication, and a shared sense of responsibility. Volunteers, donors, and the Habitat team worked hand in hand creating not just a home but a sanctuary for dreams to flourish and a monument to a community's collective strength. 

For Noman, liberated from the burdens of difficult living conditions, this newfound stability enables him to better plan his family's future; including the dream of a home movie theatre, a long-held vision for his children. 

This isn't just a house; it's a celebration of independence.  

To make more stories like Noman and Iqra’s happen in our community, donate to Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta HERE to help build affordable housing for more hardworking Canadian families.