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every onecan make a difference in Southern Alberta

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Your donation makes Southern Alberta stronger

When you donate to Habitat for Humanity, you’re helping local families  build strength, stability and independence through affordable home ownership.

Right now, one in five Canadians is spending more than half of their income on the cost of housing. In Calgary, there are more than 4,000 people on the waitlist for social housing.

Parents have jobs and are working hard to provide for their children, but challenges like high rent, chronic illness, or poor living conditions prevent them from ever being able to save and break into the housing market. Home ownership is simply out of the question.

But we know that the struggles of these families don't need to define their futures. With the stability of a home they can truly afford, parents can thrive at work, kids can thrive in school, and families can make confident plans for their future.

“Our company, All Weather Windows, chooses to partner with Habitat Southern Alberta and across Canada because this is how we translate ‘we value families’ into practical action. In doing so we not only give back to the community, we help build a stronger, safer, sustainable community.”

Henry Banman – Exec. VP, All Weather Windows

Supporting Southern Alberta builds stronger communities here at home

When families are given the opportunity to own an affordable home, they become financially stable and rely less on social services. They become part of a larger community where everyone can prosper and thrive. 

  • Many Habitat families move from subsidized rent into home ownership and become tax payers, rather than using social services that are funded by tax-payer dollars
  • There is a 60 per cent reduction in food bank usage by Habitat partner families
  • 70 per cent of partner families donate time and money to charities

When you donate to Habitat, you are giving families the gifts of dignity and happiness, and the opportunity to become engaged, contributing members of our community.

Donate Now

3000 families in Calgary are on the waitlist for affordable housing

increase in employment, education, healthy behaviours, and community engagement