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every partnershipwith Habitat makes good business sense

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Position yourself as a community leader

When you become a Habitat Sponsor or Partner, you become a part of a larger group of Albertans that believe that every family deserves the stability and financial security that comes with home ownership.

Connect with people that share your values

Habitat Sponsors and Partners are able to reach thousands of volunteers, tradespeople, event participants, community leaders, and other businesses. Very few charities have the global recognition and local goodwill associated with Habitat for Humanity.

The majority of people that are interested in donating to or working with Habitat are people that want to make a difference in our community and make the world a better place. And they have the funds, the time and the desire to make this happen.

If these sound like the types of people your business would like to reach, sponsorship or partnership would make a lot of sense.

Align your brand with ours to show you’re invested in the community

There are many different sponsorship and partnership opportunities with Habitat. From sponsoring a house build, a fundraising event, or a program naming to longer term partnerships or gift-in-kind arrangements. No matter the agreement we put into place with your company, you’ll be gaining valuable exposure for your business in your own community and throughout Southern Alberta.

“As a local HVAC company in Calgary, Arpi’s support of Habitat for Humanity is an inspiring one. Our contribution in creating safe and healthy homes through our heating and ventilation installations is rewarding one. The staff of Habitat are warm, welcoming and professional and we are humbled to be part of the process and the Habitat community.”

Julie Berdin, President, Arpi’s Industries Ltd.


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