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Winter warriors: December build update

Posted by Erin Queenan on Dec 10, 2019 11:13:18 AM

Build Update

This year, 19 families proudly called themselves new homeowners and 43 children are celebrating their first holiday season in their new home.

This is all thanks to you, our donors, supporters and volunteers. Since September your support has completed homes in Pincher Creek and finished some buildings on bigger projects like Radisson Heights and Silvercreek.

Radisson Heights NE

Radisson Heights is home to two Habitat for Humanity projects. The first features two duplexes, with one finished and the other in finishing stages. On Oct 30th, Dawit, his wife Meaza and their three children, as well as Amin, his wife Muna and their three children moved into the finished duplex.

“I never imagined this,” says Amin. “In my mind it was kind of a picture of what it would be. Now it’s real. It’s amazing.”

The second development will be two four-plexes, which are scheduled to begin early next year. Once complete, 12 new affordable homes will be added to this established community.

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Pincher Creek, AB 

“We all have trauma, and if I gave up and if any of you gave up, we wouldn’t be standing here today,” said Tara, a new homeowner, at the Pincher Creek Home Dedication.

Donors, sponsors, community partners and volunteers worked together to make two new affordable homes possible in Pincher Creek, and on Nov 2nd, 50 of them came together to celebrate the completion.

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The project was put into action when the Town of Pincher Creek reached out to Habitat for Humanity to fulfill an aspect of its Housing Need Assessment. It had significant funding support from local service clubs, led by the Pincher Creek Elks Club.

After receiving her keys, Tara expressed her gratitude and a message of hope to all who attended. “Please remember that people care, you are worthy and never underestimate the power of your mindset, thank you.”

Tara, her son Van as well as Janice, Clemente and their two children Chloe and Chase moved into their new home on November 8th.

Silvercreek Crescent NW

 Construction on 32 townhomes in northwest Calgary has progressed significantly since September. The first building is nearing completion, with each units in various stages of painting and finishing. Sidewalks and the parking lot have also been laid as families will start to take possession early next year.

The second building is well underway, and foundations have been poured for the two remaining buildings. Construction on this development will be ongoing until 2021.

On November 22, 24 REALTORS® joined together to build Habitat homes in Silver Springs and help address the affordable housing crisis. One in five Canadians is living in core housing need, and affordability is on of the top concerns of Calgarians, according to the most recent Vital Signs survey.

This is why the efforts of supporters and our Build Day groups are so critical. From all of us at Habitat, thank you for all you gifts of time and donations.

May the spirit of Christmas be in your heart all year.

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