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Build Update: August 10, 2016

Posted by Habitat Admin on Aug 11, 2016 1:16:59 PM


Pineridge Place, Calgary

Pineridge is a large neighbourhood in NE Calgary that’s near to Rundle and Marlborough. The Pineridge Place development will consist of six fourplexes built over several years. One fourplex is complete and two more are currently under construction.

ARC Resources - August 10, 2016-3

  • Finishing work is underway in the second fourplex. Volunteers are needed to paint and install trim so the next four families can move in.

Redstone, Calgary

Redstone August-9,-2016

Redstone is a new development in NE Calgary. We’re currently working on our eighth duplex in the neighbourhood, which will house two families who need accessible homes. They will be wheelchair accessible, with ramps, main floor bedrooms and large main floor showers.

  • Volunteers are needed to install drywall inside both units.
  • Recent rains have washed away the ground around the access ramps. Volunteers are needed to reinforce them.

Ravenswood, Airdrie

Ravenswood is a new development just off of Yankee Boulevard in Airdrie. We’re currently constructing two threeplexes to house six hardworking local families.

Ravenswood July-21,-2016

  • Ravenswood is closed until August 16
  • Volunteers are needed to prepare the first threeplex for occupancy on September 1.

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