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Women helping women: a powerful movement

Posted by Lisa Hallet on Jun 3, 2020 9:57:42 AM

Typically, at this time of the year, we’d be wrapping up one of our most exciting fundraising events of the year: Women Build, presented by TC Energy.

Over the course of six days, nearly 150 women planned to raise funds and help build Habitat homes in Silver Springs.

Things changed quickly, however, with COVID-19, and we had to close down our build sites for everyone’s safety.

Social distancing has meant this annual event cannot be held right now, but even though we’re apart, our dedicated friends and supporters are continuing to invest, advocate and take action to help families through Women Build.

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“We are thrilled to support Habitat for Humanity as they help to address short-term family needs and long-term affordable housing shortages in our communities."

 - leanne zee, tc energy

Although the building has been postponed, the need for affordable home ownership is only becoming more urgent.

"Women helping women from all parts of our community is a powerful movement,” said Dorn Fox of GFS, Women Build sponsor and Habitat supporter for more than 10 years.

“We realized that just because Women Build had to be postponed, the ability to still make an impact and support the initiative remained."

Why Women Build?

In a city that is as expensive to live in as Calgary, one of the major barriers to entering the housing market is the down payment. A large portion of the population affected by this barrier are women and their children.

For over a decade, Women Build has offered local ladies the opportunity to raise funds and help build affordable homes for families to buy with no down payment or interest.

“During a time when we’ve all been impacted by COVID-19, we’ve been reminded about how important a safe and secure home is to good health, especially when facing uncertainty,” said Michelle McDonald of Fluor, Women Build sponsor and long-time supporter.

Tara Nelson, CTV News Anchor and Women Build ambassador echoed this sentiment. "Not only has COVID-19 has forced Women Build from a construction site to a website, it's also highlighted the importance of having a place to call home,” she said.

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The impact on families

Women Build is always fun, but beyond that, it’s a real, tangible way for women to roll up their sleeves (both figuratively and literally), and give local families the opportunity to improve their lives through affordable home ownership.

“We know a safe and secure Habitat home means a family can focus on the educational successes of their children."

- Michelle McDonald, fluor canada

“They are better positioned for food security and positive health outcomes, and it enables them to become more engaged and active members of our communities.”

When families own a home they can truly afford, they can put down roots and build connections. This connection helps to decrease social isolation and increase cohesiveness, improving the communities that we all share.

How you can help

Thanks to the generous support of TC Energy, Fluor Canada, CTV, Gordon Food Service and dedicated fundraisers, we are halfway to reaching our $150,000 goal.

We need your help to cross the finish line. Donate to Women Build today!

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