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5 things to know to prepare for your Women Build day

Posted by Habitat Admin on Feb 24, 2017 9:57:11 AM

It's finally here. You've fundraised like a pro and now you're ready to get out and build!

If you've never participated in Women Build or been on a Habitat for Humanity site before, chances are you're wondering a few things. How do I get there? What do I wear? Will they feed me?

 Keep reading to find out exactly how to prepare for your Women Build day.

1. How to get there


8485 64 Ave NW, Calgary, AB


There is no parking on site, so all participants can park at the Crowchild Twin Arena and walk the short pathway over to the build site. Further details will be provided.


2. When to arrive

We recommend that you aim to be at the build site between 8:00 and 8:15 AM.

The safety briefing will start at 8:30 AM sharp and you must be present for the briefing in order to participate in the day.

Give yourself enough time to get to the site so you can sign in, get your safety gear and check your bag before the safety briefing begins. 

3. What we provide

  • Tools
  • Hardhats, safety glasses, gloves and boots
  • Safety and task training
  • Women Build t-shirts
  • Coffee, water, lunch and snacks

4. What to wear

  • Socks!
  • Long pants (think jeans or Carhartts)
  • Clothing that you don't mind getting dirty or stained. You're on a construction site, after all!
  • Dress in layers and according to weather conditions. Be prepared to work outside in any weather!
  • Bring a hair tie to tie back long hair

5. What not to wear

  • Shorts are not permitted on Habitat build sites for safety reasons. If you wear shorts, you will be required to change into long pants before entering the construction site.
  • Avoid baggy or loose clothing. These can create a safety hazard if they become caught or entangled on structures or equipment.

A few things to remember for the day


Lunch will be provided for each day of the event. There will be vegetarian options available for those who have made this request on their registration form, but if you have specific dietary concerns, please feel free to bring your own lunch - there will be a refrigerator to store this if necessary.

Photo ops

We encourage you to bring your phone and take lots of pictures through the day! Tag us on social using #habitatyyc and #womenbuildyyc. After Women Build, we will post photos on Facebook, where you can tag yourself and all your friends!


There are port-a-potties available on the construction site.


Do I need construction experience?

Not at all! You will be under the direct supervision of experienced Crew Leaders who will teach you everything you need to know.

Is the work safe?

Absolutely. You will never be asked to perform any task that is unsafe and you will get all the training and instruction you need before starting any task. If you're not comfortable performing the task that you're assigned to, you can let your supervisor know and we will switch you to another task that you feel comfortable with.

What if I need a break outside of the scheduled times?

There will be a group lunch break at 12:00 PM, but you are welcome to take additional breaks whenever they are needed.

Do I get to choose which task I work on?

Tasks will be assigned at registration and are typically divided into groups of up to 5 or 6 individuals. Please voice your preference and we will do our best to assign you a task you are interested in. If at any point in the day you are feeling strongly that you’d enjoy doing different work, let your Crew Leader know and we’ll switch it up!

You should have an option to choose a task together with your group members, but it is not guaranteed you will all be together or that you can choose your specific task due to the ever-changing nature of our construction sites and the work at hand.

Questions? Get in touch! 

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