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7 things you didn't know about buying a Habitat for Humanity home

Posted on Dec 11, 2018 2:25:00 PM

We’ve all heard of Habitat for Humanity. (I mean, if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?).

Here at Habitat, we know that there are lots of different ideas swirling around out there about how our home ownership program works and who it’s for.

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5 things to know to prepare for your Women Build day

Posted on Feb 24, 2017 9:57:11 AM

It's finally here. You've fundraised like a pro and now you're ready to get out and build!

If you've never participated in Women Build or been on a Habitat for Humanity site before, chances are you're wondering a few things. How do I get there? What do I wear? Will they feed me?

 Keep reading to find out exactly how to prepare for your Women Build day.

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