every application offers hope to a hard working family in need of stability


Could you be a Habitat homeowner?

Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta partners with families who are ready for the responsibility and challenges of home ownership, but would not qualify for a traditional mortgage.

We sell homes to families using a no-interest, no-down payment mortgage with adjustable monthly payments of no more than 25% of the total family income. Our model helps to provide affordable housing for families in need, while helping them build assets and a stable home life for their children.

Selection Criteria


  • Must have children that will benefit from a stable, affordable home
  • Existing living conditions are inadequate in terms of structure, safety or size
  • Rental cost is more than 30% of total combined family income

Ability to pay

  • At least one adult member of the household must be employed full-time and show a consistent work history
  • Your annual family income must fall within the low-income range, as determined by Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta
  • You must have a good credit rating and not have an overwhelming amount of debt
  • Each family member is either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Your family has lived in the specific region in which you wish to apply for at least two years

Willingness to Partner

  • Once accepted into the program, each family must be willing to contribute 500 volunteer hours towards building their own home or to other Habitat projects
  • You are willing to participate in Habitat’s Family Partner Program, which offers support and guidance in all aspects of homeownership
  • You are willing to act as an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta

How to apply for Habitat home ownership

Families interested in applying for a home must first attend an information session, which outlines the steps to Habitat Homeownership. Applications for housing partnerships will only be provided to those who attend an information session.

You can register for an information session by filling out the form below.

  • Please only sign up for the area where you currently live. If you register for any other area, your name will not be added to the registration list.
  • If there are no information sessions currently scheduled in your area of residence, you will receive notifications as they become available in your area.

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