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Family Story: Arienne

Posted by Habitat Admin on Apr 20, 2016 3:19:12 PM


Arienne is a single mom with two children, Grayden, her 16-year old son, and Dominick, her 10-year old daughter. They share their home with two cuddly pet cats. Arienne works as a teacher’s aide for the local school board and holds another part-time job to help make ends meet.

Grayden, Dominik, and ArienneGrayden, Dominick, and Arienne.

The family of three currently lives in a two-bedroom apartment where Arienne is forced to sleep on a small daybed in a room she shares with her daughter. After Arienne was told their family had been accepted for a Habitat for Humanity home she was excited. “We will finally have our own rooms and I’ll be able to sleep in a proper, full-sized bed!” When the good news was shared, everyone in this small but close family did a little dance of joy.

Home ownership was something that Arienne never imagined she would be able to accomplish, or provide for her family, given the many challenges they’ve faced.

Grayden has committed to putting in volunteer hours on top of the time spent at his part-time job because the opportunity for home ownership is so important to his family.

Dominick is thrilled to do her volunteer hours at the Brooks Animal Protection Society because it allows her to help her family, while also bringing joy and love to the needy animals in the shelter.

Arienne knows that the work required for her volunteer hours and to maintain her family’s new home will not be easy and she is overwhelmingly grateful for the support she has received from her family and friends. “This home is a new beginning for my kids and I. I can’t thank our friends, family and community enough for helping us secure what we needed for this incredible opportunity.”

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