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Introducing Alanna Maria: Women Build Fundraiser

Posted by Habitat Admin on Apr 13, 2017 2:28:26 PM


“#IBuildBecause as a mother I can’t imagine not having affordable, safe housing for my children.”

Alanna Maria, 2017 women build fundraiser.

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Meet Alanna Maria, 2017 Women Build Fundraiser

Alanna Maria is one of the hundreds of women stepping forward to address a critical need for affordable housing in Calgary through Habitat for Humanity's Women Build. Together, these women are fundraising and building Habitat for Humanity homes in the northeast community of Pineridge.

Alanna’s family and friends were excited to hear about her endeavour, and were happy to support of her decision to give back to the community on her birthday.

Alanna said she hopes to become an inspiration for as many people as possible to motivate them to take part in Women Build and help her fundraise $3,000.

Alanna’s dream to build a house on her 30th birthday

“I have always wanted to build a home for charity,” says Alanna.

Alanna has been trying to decide what she could do to give back to the community for her thirtieth birthday. She had been thinking about it for almost year when she heard about Women Build in Calgary.

The cause behind Women Build hooked her right away, and now, here she is – full of excitement and ready to build a house.  

“Thirty feels like the perfect time to finally do something I have wanted to do my whole life,” she said.

Alanna believes that her actions and story behind why she builds can inspire other people to take action and give back to the community they live in.

“I know I will only be playing a small part, but everything helps," she said.

“The house I will have the chance to help with is in our city and will provide affordable, safe housing for a local family.”

Home is more than just a shelter

Alanna thinks that home is the only place where people make you feel loved, supported and safe no matter what.

Recalling on her past, she says that her family had to deal with unstable living conditions. Her mother had to work hard to deal with the high cost of living in a city.

“I remember that my mom had to work three jobs to keep us afloat. It was a challenging time in our lives,” she said.

In many cases, women and children are the populations most likely to be affected by unstable living conditions.

“As a mother, I can’t imagine not having affordable, safe housing for my children.”

Alanna maria, 2017 women build fundraiser

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What is Women Build?

We’ve set aside six days this May exclusively for women to fundraise and build Habitat for Humanity homes with in the northeast community of Pineridge. 

You'll work alongside experienced Crew Leaders, other Women Build participants and future Habitat homeowners.Whether you’re learning new skills or simply adding a few to your tool belt, this is a rewarding experience, and improves the communities that we all share.

Come with a team or come alone and make new friends. The atmosphere is welcoming, inviting, collaborative and friendly. Space is filling up quickly! Learn more about Women Build and how you can get involved.

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Why do you build?

When we work together, we're building strength, stability and independence for families through affordable home ownership, but we all have a different story behind why we build.

Submit your story and photo and tell us why Women Build matters to you. You could be featured in an upcoming blog and Habitat social post!

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