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every familydeserves a stable home

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Danielle smiling with her family

Giving helps families achieve strength, stability and independence

Canadian families are facing an escalating affordable housing crisis. One in five Canadians spends more than half their income on housing costs alone. Many families are employed and working hard to provide for their children, but are facing significant struggles, such as high rents, accessibility needs, or being forced to move multiple times each year. Affordable home ownership is the key to building stability for working families and has a direct impact on children's health and development. 


Every family deserves the chance to build stability

Thousands of families struggle with housing affordability in Southern Alberta. When parents spend more than 40% of their monthly income on housing, it means they don't have enough money left over to buy healthy meals for their children, invest in formative experiences like sports or music, or save for their children's education. And sometimes, they're forced to make the unthinkable choice between paying rent and buying food. Saving for a down payment is simply out of the question.

Every family deserves the chance to build their own stability and independence.When you donate to Habitat for Humanity, you’re helping parents and children in Southern Alberta. Because Habitat ReStores cover nearly 100 percent of Habitat’s administration costs, your funds are put directly toward the cost of home construction for these families.

“Lafarge has a twenty year history of giving a hand up to southern Alberta families through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Sustainable construction of affordable housing is critical to enabling families to thrive in our communities. Via gift in kind donation of materials and our employee's volunteer hours to Habitat for Humanity, we are proud to contribute to building better cities.”

Rohit Jain – Project Coordinator, Lafarge Canada


Habitat Homeowners are hard working parents who want to provide a better life for their children.

Many families are one illness, one accident, one paycheque away from losing their financial stability and independence. We offer these families a chance to pull themselves out from under their circumstances and put their family on a better path.

Meet Brendan and his family

“I have three smart, beautiful girls who are my heart and soul, but we’ve had our fair share of heartache and struggle. It’s been a challenge to raise three young ladies on my own and I’m sure will it continue to be in every way. Our lives have changed significantly over the past three years and we’ve lost a lot.

We’re currently living with my mother, who took us all in and helped us get through the tough times that we’ve overcome. I could not have regained the strength to continue without her support and the support of my family. We’ve been living in her basement for the past two and a half years – it’s been cramped and we’ve forever changed my mother’s way of life.

I first became aware of Habitat for Humanity through their volunteer program, but I was hesitant to step forward because I didn’t know if I could help others when I was still struggling to help my own family. I decided to look into volunteering anyway, and that’s when I saw the opportunity to apply for their home ownership program. When I received information back on my application I was ecstatic but nervous, and with the completion of each step of the process it became more real and exciting.

To be part of this process has been something more special and amazing than I’d thought was possible. Soon, my mother will have her home back and a burden will be lifted from her shoulders.

To own a home – not for me, but for my kids – will be the most amazing feeling. It will be a sanctuary for them, a place to put down roots and grow in a safe and stable environment, and we’ll be around other families looking for the same thing. I honestly feel that all the hard work I’ve already put in and all the hard work to come is going to pay off for my family.

I can’t wait to see and feel all the emotions that will come the first time my daughters sleep in their own beds in their own home. I can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Habitat for Humanity and all the people who make things like this possible."

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1 in 5 Canadians spend more than half their income on shelter


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