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women build

Habitat for Humanity Women Build in Calgary

Habitat for Humanity's Women Build sets aside six days each May for women to fundraise and build Habitat homes in Calgary

Right now, more than 4,000 people are on the waiting list for affordable housing in Calgary. Our city is expensive, and women and children are the populations most likely to be affected by unstable living conditions. Women Build gives our community the chance to come together to address this need.

From May 21-23 and 28-30, nearly 150 women had the chance to work under the guidance of experienced construction professionals, and alongside other Women Build participants and future Habitat homeowners.

Whether they were learning new skills or simply adding a few to their tool belt, this was a rewarding experience, that improved the communities that we all share.

As a participating charity in the 2019 Shaw Charity Classic, every donation to Women Build 2019 was matched up to 50% through Shaw Birdies for Kids, presented by AltaLink, making fundraising efforts go even further!


Here's how it works

1. Create your personal fundraising page

The fundraising minimum to participate is $350, but we know you can go higher, so reach for the stars!

2. Reach out

Send emails and post on your social networks asking family, friends and your favourite people in the world to help you reach your fundraising goal. Here's our handy list of fundraising tips.

3. Pick your day

There are six days Women Build days, with a limited capacity on each day. Once you've hit your $350 fundraising minimum, you'll get a link sent directly to your inbox to pick your day.

If you're fundraising as a team, each team member will receive the link to pick their day once they've reached their $350 fundraising minimum, so be sure to communicate regularly and cheer each other on!

**You cannot reserve a space to build until you've reached your $350 minimum, so it's best to move quickly, especially if you wish to build with a team or group of friends.**

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reserve shifts in advance so I can build with my team?

The only way to reserve your shift is by first raising your $350 minimum. At that point, you’ll be automatically emailed a link to register for the day of your choosing (as long as there are still shifts available).

The faster everyone on your team can reach their fundraising minimums, the better chance you have to build on the same day.

2. What if everyone on my team isn’t able to reserve a shift on the same day?

If you fundraise quickly, you shouldn’t have a problem registering for the same day. We’ll do what we can to move shifts around so that a single person isn’t left out, but we can’t guarantee anything! The number of shifts available each day is set to ensure every participant has safe and meaningful work to do.

3. I haven’t personally raised my $350 minimum, but my team has collectively raised more than the sum of the minimums for all of us – can I still build with them?

No – each person is required to raise the $350 fundraising minimum.

Find answers to all your FAQs

Interested in sponsoring Women Build? Get in touch!

“To be involved in Women Build, you are literally changing someone’s life. I think it’s a gift to be able to do that and an honour to be part of someone’s life in such a huge, instrumental way.”

- vanisha, Habitat homeowner in auburn bay