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every donationhelps working families build stability


Your donation gives more families the opportunity to build a stable life in Southern Alberta.

Give independence $25

Your gift helps working families become independent home owners. Each Habitat family completes financial literacy and home maintenance classes to ensure they are ready and informed to become successful homeowners.

Give financial security $50

Your donation will give financial independence to working families. With an affordable mortgage, parents can use their earnings to provide the necessities for their children, and will never have to worry about choosing to pay rent or putting a healthy meal on the table.

Give stability $100

With your donation, you’re creating a stable home environment where children can have healthy childhood experiences - like having a best friend over for a sleepover - and other formative experiences that impact their social development.

Give family time $250

Create a space where families can talk, laugh and create memories; where they can love, grow and support one another. A Habitat home isn't just a place to play in; it's a strong foundation for a successful life.

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