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every parentcan build a better future for their kids

describe it in an actionable way
describe it in an actionable way

Have you been dreaming of owning your own home? Are you struggling to get ahead?

If you’re a parent, it’s likely that the biggest challenge you’ll face in purchasing a home is saving for a down payment.

You’re working hard, but monthly expenses quickly chip away at your paycheques. Your family might be stuck in the rental cycle and face significant challenges.

  • You might move from place to place after rent hikes or a landlord sells.
  • You might choose to stay in a cramped apartment or basement suite that you know isn’t suitable for your family, but it allows your kids to stay in the same schools and keep their network of friends.
  • You might be working multiple jobs, spending most of your time away from your family just to make ends meet.

You’re not alone, and there is a solution.

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Habitat homeowners in Pineridge, Calgary.


Habitat for Humanity’s affordable Home Ownership Program helps you build stability for your kids

With the support of sponsors, donors, community partners and volunteers, we help families enter the housing market in starter homes in family-friendly communities.

Habitat Home Ownership is designed for families who:
  • Have kids 
  • Have limited income and whose current housing is not suitable for their family
  • Are financially stable, with consistent work history and low debt
  • Are willing to partner with and represent Habitat for Humanity

Families purchase their homes through Habitat’s affordable mortgage – no down payment and no interest. Monthly mortgage payments are calculated so that homeowners never pay more than 25% of their household income on housing costs, which includes mortgage payments, property taxes, and condo fees.

When you own a home you can afford, you're building equity and you can focus on the things that truly matter – spending time with your kids, saving for their education, pursuing your own career goals, and knowing the relief that comes from having a safe, stable place to call your own.

“My children can have stability in their lives and will have a strong start on their journey towards successful living. I am excited to dream new dreams with my children – to develop new skills, meet new people and to help and serve others in the same way.”

- susan, habitat homeowner in bowness, calgary



Habitat Home Ownership is a true partnership

There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes along with reaching a major milestone, knowing that it hasn’t been given to you; you’ve worked to get there!

That’s why our program is a true partnership and unlike any other affordable home ownership program – it’s something we do with you, not for you, and that’s something you can be proud of.

As an active partner, your role is to:


This can be toward the construction of your own home or to support other Habitat projects.


This helps to ensure you are equipped and ready to take on the financial responsibilities that come along with home ownership.


This includes Groundbreaking and Home Dedication ceremonies that bring together the sponsors, donors, community partners and volunteers who are working with you to help you build your dream of home ownership.


This can involve public opportunities like speaking engagements or video testimonials, or simply establishing good rapport and working relationships with Habitat staff, volunteers, donors and partners. 


IMG_4028 copy-1.jpg

Habitat homeowners in Ravenswood, Airdrie


Here’s how it works:

  1. Take the Eligibility Quiz
    Take our short Eligibility Quiz to see if you meet the basic criteria to participate in our affordable home ownership program.

  2. Attend a Habitat Home Ownership Information Session
    If you meet the basic criteria on the Eligibility Quiz, you will be invited to attend a Habitat Home Ownership Information Session that will cover the basics of our program and find out if it would be a good fit for your family.

  3. Submit an application
    Once you’ve attended a Habitat Home Ownership Information Session, you will receive an application form to complete and submit, along with additional supporting documents.

  4. Become a partner
    Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed and if you qualify, you will be invited to participate in an in-person interview. Once approved, you will select the location of your home and begin your volunteer hours and home ownership workshops prior to moving in.
describe it in an actionable way

Short Title

Short Title


“I recently saw the houses built by Habitat and was amazed with the attention to detail that goes into them; from the interior details, to the care and thought put into the design so that families not only have a house, but LOVE their home.”


- edgar, habitat homeowner in capitol hill, calgary