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every volunteer helps families build stability

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Habitat for Humanity is world-renowned for the empowering, meaningful volunteer experiences we offer

Volunteers are at the heart of Habitat, and their  dependability, reliability, time and talent are key to our success.

Every volunteer increases our ability to help more families buy their first home through our affordable mortgage. 

As a volunteer, you can help in a number of ways in communities across southern Alberta. See the opportunities available near you.

“I volunteer here because I want to contribute to this important cause. I was a teacher administrator for a few years and saw what influence stable housing has on children. It impacts their grades, completion rates, mental stability, and other crucial aspects of their lives.”

Sandy Grassick – Office Volunteer for 14 Years

Sarina and family moving into their new affordable home

1 in 5 Canadians spend more than half their income on shelter

55,000 hours were given to Habitat in 2015
Find opportunities near you
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