every hand helps families in need of affordable home ownership

describe it in an actionable way
describe it in an actionable way

When you volunteer with Habitat, you help families build strength, stability and independence

Volunteers are the heart of Habitat. Their dependability, reliability, time and talent are key to our success. Habitat is world renowned for the empowering, meaningful experiences we offer volunteers.

As a volunteer, you can help Habitat in a number of ways, whether you become a core member of our construction team or spend your time at our ReStores, special events or on our Chapter committees.

“I volunteer here because I want to contribute to this important cause. I was a teacher administrator for a few years and saw what influence stable housing has on children. It impacts their grades, completion rates, mental stability, and other crucial aspects of their lives.”

Sandy Grassick – Office Volunteer for 14 Years

Sarina and family moving into their new affordable home

Your gift of time increases our ability to build more homes for more families.

Every volunteer position - construction, Restore, events and administration - increases our ability to help more families into home ownership.

When you volunteer in our ReStores, you’re helping us generate funds to cover our overhead costs and ensuring donations to directly toward building more homes for more families.

When you volunteer for events, you’re helping us generate the awareness, advocacy, and funds needed to grow our program and continue to provide home ownership solutions for working families.

When you volunteer on a construction site, your efforts are making a tangible difference in local families’ lives.

1 in 5 Canadians spend more than half their income on shelter

55,000 hours were given to Habitat in 2015

Volunteer at a build site

Become a member of our construction volunteer team. You’ll receive all the safety training and instruction you’ll need to contribute directly toward the construction of Habitat homes.

Looking for our group Build Days? Go here.

Volunteer at ReStore

ReStore volunteers assist with all elements of retail operations, from creating displays to stocking inventory and building customer relationships. If you love interacting with people and working with a team to accomplish tasks, this would be a great fit for you.

Volunteer at an event

We are involved with numerous events year round. If you’d like to be part of the planning and execution of these events, sign up to volunteer at one of our special events. 

Volunteer in our office

If you would like to give your time and talent as an administrative whiz, there are many opportunities available to share your skills.

We are always looking for more volunteers

This is your chance to become a member of one of the most well-known volunteer programs in the world. If you connect with our cause and would like to get involved, simply register by clicking the button below.

describe it in an actionable way
describe it in an actionable way

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