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every onecan help families build strength, stability and independence

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Volunteer Testimonials

Adrian Chuldleigh, Construction Crew Leader for four years:

“I build because it's very rewarding to see the happy smiles on the young families as they're moving to their new home. You know if you give out yourself to others, you'd be rewarded and certainly that has been the case with me.”

Dayle Turnbull, Construction Crew Leader for 10 years:

“I like helping people, learning new trades, new things to do. It's always interesting to start taking the house foundation, putting the walls, finishing the painting. I only volunteer once a week, so I figured out that's a great opportunity to get out, meet new people, make friends with other great crew leaders, meet the homeowners, which is a phenomenal experience. A lot of them made me cry numerous times, so there's a companionship aspect of it which is remarkable.”

Doug Roll, ReStore Volunteer for three years:

“I volunteer at the ReStore because it's one of the small ways I can contribute to the success of an organization and some people that are helping themselves.”

Sandy Grassick, office volunteer for 14 years:

“I volunteer here because I want to contribute to this important cause. I was a teacher administrator for a few years and saw what influence stable housing has on children. It impacts their grades, completion rates, mental stability, and other crucial aspects of their lives.”

Donor Testimonials

Byron Vandekraats, Manager at Cartwright Lighting:

“Habitat for Humanity believes in the responsibility to support our community and we have been proud partners on a number of projects. As both our scope of work and company values align closely it has worked out to be a very natural relationship. We have been blessed in our community and Habitat for Humanity provides a great conduit to give back.”

Henry Banman, Exec. V.P. at All Weather Windows:

“Our company, All Weather Windows, chooses to partner with Habitat Southern Alberta and across Canada because this is how we translate "we value families" into practical action. In doing so we not only give back to the community, we help build a stronger, safer, sustainable community.”

Rob Michaud, President at The Outsiders Inc.:

“The Outsiders Inc. is delighted with our experience of working with Habitat for Humanity over the duration of several projects. We have found all the staff to be friendly, cooperative, helpful and very professional. It has been a pleasure working with the team, we consider our relationship to be a working partnership. We value the sound business ethics within the Habitat for Humanity culture and look forward to assisting in many projects to come.”

Paddy Quigley, Account Manager at Dannburg Floor Coverings:

“This industry and this city has provide a great lifestyle for our staff and families here at Dannburg and we feel really privileged to give back as much and as often as we can and we feel Habitat has the same values as the people here at Dannburg.”

Julie Berdin, President at Arpi’s Industries Ltd.:

“As a local HVAC company in Calgary, Arpi’s support of Habitat for Humanity is an inspiring one. Our contribution in creating safe and healthy homes through our heating and ventilation installations is rewarding one. The staff of Habitat are warm, welcoming and professional and we are humbled to be part of the process and the Habitat community.”

Rohit Jain, Project Coordinator at Lafarge Canada Inc.:

“Lafarge has a twenty year history of giving a hand up to southern Alberta families through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Sustainable construction of affordable housing is critical to enabling families to thrive in our communities. Via gift in kind donation of materials and our employee's volunteer hours to Habitat for Humanity, we are proud to contribute to building better cities.”
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