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Should I donate this to the Habitat ReStore?

When cleaning, remodeling or moving, you often run into household items you no longer use, but that are still in great condition. Whether it be items like the cabinets you just replaced or an old couch, you may wonder, "Should I donate this?"

While you may not be able to donate items like mattresses or clothes, we accept a variety of items. For instance, used home decor and appliances. Most gently used items can be donated, review our donations guideline below. 

Donations are subject to staff approval.

Have more questions? Check out our donation FAQ's, or contact our donations team at 403-291-6764. 

Drop off your donation: HOURS

Our donors are our everything! You may drop off your donation(s) at any of our three Habitat Restore locations.

Calgary: Monday to Sunday from 9 am - 5 pm

Medicine Hat: Monday to Saturday from 9 am - 5 pm.

If you are dropping off a large donation, please contact our ReStore location and give them a heads up! 

Schedule a pick-up

For large items you can't fit in your vehicle you can request a free residential pick-up or business pick-up. If you need to re-schedule your pick-up, please give us at least 48 hours notice to allow us to accommodate other donors. 

Donation Guidelines



Yes, please
  • Clean kitchen and laundry appliances
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Dishwashers
No, thank you
  • Appliances older than 10 years old



Yes, please 

  • Quality cabinets without damage
  • Doors and drawers attached to cabinets
  • Clean and complete
  • Like new or better cabinet doors

No, thank you

  • N/A



Yes, please 
  • Residential interior and exterior doors in good, clean and sellable condition without alterations or damage
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Pre-hung doors
No, thank you
  • Mirrored bi-fold doors
  • Used shower doors
  • Commercial doors


Fasteners & Hardware

Yes, please 
  • All varieties of metal fasteners and hardware, door knobs, hinges, cabinet pulls and knobs
No, thank you
  • Loose screws, nails or nuts and bolts



Yes, please 

  • Carpet: New, never installed carpet 100 sq ft or larger
  • Complete unopened boxes of prefinished wood, laminate and vinyl plank flooring 75 sq. ft or larger
  • New area rugs
  • New rolls of vinyl flooring 25 sq. feet or larger

No, thank you

  • Used carpet, scrap pieces or partial boxes of wood flooring
  • Carpet less than 100 sq ft
  • Stained rugs
  • Previously used wood flooring



Yes, please 

  • Clean, complete, undamaged, and sellable furniture
  • Free of pet hair and stains
  • Solid wood furniture
  • Patio and outdoor furniture

No, thank you

  • Damaged furniture (rips, smells, tears or scratches, excessive fading or sagging)
  • Infant equipment and furniture (cribs, change tables, car seats, high chairs, etc.) 
  • Pet hair or stains
  • Mattresses and box springs, hide-a-beds, sleeper sofas, waterbeds, and waterbed frames


home goods

Yes, please 
  • Decor items
 No, thank you
  • Clean cookware and dishware
  • Linens, towels, draperies and clothing
  • Electronics - recycling available at our North location



Yes, please 
  • Residential ducting, flashing, vents, fireplace inserts, furnaces and wood stoves in salable condition
  • Clean, unused insulation in full unopened bags
  • New fireplaces 
  • Used electric fireplaces
No, thank you
  • Items containing asbestos, mercury or other toxins
  • Used or unboxed ceiling tiles
  • Oil furnaces
  • Used furnaces or water heaters


Lawn & Garden

Yes, please

  • Bricks and pavers free of mortar, grills, hoses, sprinklers
  • Tools and lawn equipment in good working order
  • Clean, complete, undamaged and sellable lawn and patio furniture
  • Barbecues 

No, thank you

  • Broken or nonworking items
  • Flammable or combustible chemicals, herbicides or pesticides
  • Automotive parts or fluids


Lighting & Electrical

Yes, please

  • Residential indoor and outdoor light fixtures
  • New light bulbs
  • Electrical supplies
  • New non-commercial fluorescent light fixtures

No, thank you

  • Used light fixtures older than 10 years
  • Brass fixtures
  • No used fluorescent fixtures or used  bulbs



Yes, Please

  • Denailed quality lumber, trim and siding in 8 foot lengths or larger
  • Sheet goods (plywood, MDF, Drywall, etc.), ½ sheet or larger

No, thank you

  • Lumber less than 8 ft or sheet goods less than ½ sheet
  • Lumber with fasteners or rot
  • Used vinyl siding



Yes, please

  • Liquid latex paint in original container with original label attached
  • Containers 5 gallons or smaller

No, thank you

  • Dried or solid paints
  • Paint not stored in original container



Yes, please

  • Steel, white porcelain or cast iron sinks without cracks, chips or stains
  • New toilets
  • Bathroom fixtures and hardware
  • New or used to metal bathtubs
  • New fiberglass tubs
  • Clawfoot tubs
  • Jetted tubs – Medicine Hat only 

No, thank you

  • Composite sinks
  • Non low flow toilets
  • Used fiberglass bathtubs
  • Used toilets
  • Used jetted tubs - Calgary
  • Used corner tubs - Calgary



Yes, please

  • New roofing, shingles and tar paper
  • New and used corrugated roofing

No, thank you

  • Used asphalt roofing



Yes, please

  • New, never installed floor tile in boxes 60 sq ft or larger
  • New, never installed wall tile in boxes 40 sq ft or larger
  • New, unopened grout

No, thank you

  • Previously installed tile
  • Opened packages of grout


Tools & Equipment

Yes, please

  • Hand and power tools with all parts

No, thank you

  • Bad batteries



Yes, please

  • Clean residential PVC, undamaged, unfogged and in working order
  • Shutters in good condition
  • Blinds, new and in unopened boxes
  • Used windows 5 years old or newer

No, thank you

  • Unframed glass or mirrors, aluminum framed windows
  • Used blind or window treatments
  • Vertical blinds

We are always looking for product donations, but sometimes we cannot accept them due to overstock, space constraints or extensive damage. Make sure to check your donation for any significant rips, tears, wear, stains, cigarette smoke or pet hair.