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What is the most important thing your home provides you? Is it a stable foundation for you and your family to grow? Is it a place where your family gathers for holidays and other celebrations? 

For Noman, his wife Iqra and their five children the most important thing a home means is not having to worry about rent increase, constant moves, having the peace of mind that comes with being apart of a community, and having the freedom to make changes to their house, to make it their home. Despite their hard work, Noman and Iqra thought owning a home was nothing but a dream. 

Noman and Iqra heard about Habitat Southern Alberta from a friend and decided to apply. After years dreaming of owning a home, they received a call that would change their lives – they were approved to buy a home in Habitat’s new build in the Cornerstone community!  

 “It’s like if you had a headache forever, and you finally take some pain meds, and the relief sets in. That’s what receiving the call felt like.” 

Noman and his family are scheduled to take possession of their Habitat house next year. They can’t wait to have a safe place for their children to grow, a place they can decorate to their liking, a place where they can develop friendships, a home that will provide the freedom and stability they need to thrive.  

Watch Noman and Iqra's story about their journey to Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta


By investing in affordable home ownership, you help families achieve long-term success and build roots in their community. 


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With your donation, we will see generations of higher education and stability for children and families.


There is a direct relation between the quality and affordability of housing and a child’s ability to thrive.  

Unfortunately, thousands of families in Southern Alberta find it impossible to provide these ideal conditions due to the increasingly high cost of living.  

At Habitat for Humanity, we are determined to change that.


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Your gift funds crucial elements of building a home, such as the land, lumber, and materials.


The impact that your donation has on Habitat homeowners is insurmountable! By investing in affordable home ownership, you help families achieve long-term success and build roots in their community.

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Your donation helps our homeowners experience increased stability and enhanced quality of life for every member of the family.


There's something about having a home base that you know is always there that makes it easier to plan the rest of your life.

Kristen, Habitat Homeowner in Airdrie

Donate Monthly

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Your donation goes beyond the build to transform the futures of families like Noman and Iqra's