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What are the Benefits of Shopping Secondhand?

Posted by Ashley Miller on Feb 9, 2021 10:54:06 AM

What are the Benefits of Shopping Second Hand?

You may remember checking thrift stores for cheap furniture to fill your first apartment or dorm room. Maybe since then you've gotten used to only buying new and don't think to hit up your local thrift stores when you need a new household item or furniture. Regardless of whether you're a bargain-hunter or not too worried about pinching pennies, the benefits of shopping secondhand extend far beyond saving a few dollars.

Read on to learn about some of the benefits of shopping second hand at the ReStore that you may not have considered. Hopefully at least a few of these benefits will encourage you to forego your trip to the mall or home hardware store and check out a thrift store instead!

1. Support a Cause

We know that donating items to an organization will support them. We can help them even more by shopping there too.

Shopping at ReStore has a critical impact on our ability to grow our affordable home ownership program. Our ReStores provide revenue to offset Habitat's local operating costs. This allows other donations to go directly towards the cost of building affordable homes.

2. Save Money

It's always a good feeling when you find a great deal. Instead of paying full price, or even a sale price for a new item, consider looking for the same (or similar) thing at a thrift store. If you are redecorating your living room, remodeling your bathroom or updating light fixtures you can find items to fit your budget and style.

At ReStore, we have a sizeable furniture section, all of our products are 40 - 80% below regular retail prices, and you don't have to pay GST. This allows you to outfit your home without breaking the bank. Want to stay up to date on our ever-changing inventory of items? Follow us on Instagram @calgaryrestore and Facebook @CalgaryRestore or @ReStoreMH.

3. Keep Items out of Landfills

When you shop second hand at your local ReStore, you're helping divert millions of pounds of usable items from landfills. Instead of becoming unnecessary waste, household goods are sold in the ReStores where they can be reused and repurposed repeatedly.

4. Find Your Next DIY Project

Thrifted finds also make for creative DIY projects. Many secondhand shoppers enjoy repurposing 'nearly- new' items such as furniture or home décor items found at the ReStores. By upcycling used items instead of purchasing new ones, you can save money and create something far more personal and unique.

Whether you want to refinish a mid-century modern dresser or reupholster that gorgeous armchair - you can find one-of-a-kind items and the materials needed for your next DIY project at the ReStore.

5. Find Items You May Need Only Once

Have you ever needed an item for a special occasion or a job but didn't want to purchase it new? Maybe you need a cake stand for a wedding or a special tool for a home project. At your local ReStore, you may be able to pick up that item at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new or renting. When you are done with it, you can lend it to your neighbour or donate it back to the store!

6. Thrifting Can be a Profitable Side Hustle

If you're someone with an eye for good deals, you can purchase high-quality or unique items at a thrift store and sell them for a higher price using an online marketplace. Plenty of online shoppers are interested in buying one-of-a-kind décor items that a savvy buyer has sourced from a thrift shop.

7. It's Fun!

If all of these reasons aren't enough for you, shop second- hand because it's fun! You can spend time with friends and family to see who can find the most unique items or do it alone to relax. Thrift shopping can be especially fun because on any given day the inventory can be totally new and different, and you never know what you're going to find!

Shop Second- Hand at Your Local ReStore!

Whether you're looking to save money, support a good cause or help save the environment, shopping second hand is shopping sustainably. By shopping at your local Habitat for Humanity Restore, you're supporting us in fulfilling our mission of helping families in Southern Alberta achieve stability through affordable home ownership.

"I always love coming to this store to see what's new. This place has a ton of new stock almost every day. It also feels good buying from here as it saves materials from the dump and goes towards supporting Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta."

- Johnny, ReStore Customer


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