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Accepting Donations

Posted by Ashley Miller on Jun 18, 2020 2:02:58 PM

Calgary & Medicine Hat ReStores are Accepting Donations


Life has changed a lot in the last couple of months. You probably found yourself with a little extra time on your hands and that might have resulted in cleaning out your basement, completing that long-awaited reno or purging your staffless office space. 

No matter the project you took on, chances are you have some items that no longer have a place in your home or work but still have some life left in them.

While we congratulate you on finishing the hardest part of the job, moving furniture, cabinets, windows or doors to your garage isn’t a permanent solution. 

Rather than sitting on your unwanted items for another few years, donate them to a charity near you in Calgary or Medicine Hat. 

Donate Unused Furniture and Fixtures to Restore

Our ReStore donation centres have reopened and are once again accepting most furniture, appliances, decor, and construction materials. See the full list to find out what we do and don’t accept. You can either drop them off within store hours or schedule a curbside pickup within Calgary for items that don’t fit in your vehicle.

We also schedule pickups for business donations to save you from moving large items to one of our locations. This includes any items left over from a recent construction job or desks, chairs and the like from your office space.

Whether your donation comes from your home or your business, you’ll be provided with a charitable tax receipt when your items are valued over $20.

How Your Donation Supports Your Community 

You can make an impact within your own city. When you make a donation to ReStore, the profits made from your donation help us fund our homeowner’s programs. This allows us to build and mortgage homes at a substantially lower rate than traditional home builders and banks

The houses we build become homes for hard-working families who can now afford a mortgage with no down payment and no interest. If that wasn’t cool enough, they also give back by donating their time to work at a ReStore location to help increase the impact of your donation. 

Find a Donation Centre Near You

What are you waiting for? Clear out your garage once again so you can use it for the things you love like storing your family bicycles or getting started on your next DIY project. You never know, you might even find the perfect piece to refinish while you’re at ReStore.