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5 meaningful ways your business can give back this winter

Posted by Ashley Miller on Nov 25, 2019 1:43:31 PM


With shorter days, longer nights and colder weather here to stay, it’s the perfect time to warm your team member’s hearts by working together to make a difference in our community.

There are many ways to give back, so we have compiled a list of five ways businesses can brighten the lives of people in our community this winter.

1. Clothing Drive

As the colder weather hits, your staff are digging through their closest to pull out their warm winter gear.

However, we know that fashion trends change every year and people often want to upgrade their outerwear. This makes it a great time for you, as a business, to organize a winter clothing drive.

Ask your employees to pool their previously loved women’s and kid's winter clothing to donate as an office to a local charity like the Calgary Women’s Shelter.

2. Donation Drive

An easy way to give back to the community is by decluttering your office or warehouse and donating items that are taking up space to a local charity.

This could include unused or old office furniture, extra home building supplies or old product taking up prime real estate in your warehouse!

Once you have collected the items, contact the ReStore for a free pick-up or drop off at one of our three ReStores in Southern Alberta.

On top of receiving a tax receipt, you can feel good knowing that proceeds from donations go to funding Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta’s affordable home ownership program.

3. Foodbank

Supporting foodbanks is a great opportunity to generate employee engagement while helping people in our community - nobody should go hungry.

Organize a food drive to collect non-perishables or sign your team up to volunteer at your local foodbank.

4. Charitable Donation

If your organization is looking to donate financially to a local charity before the end of the year, consider donating to Habitat for Humanity and contributing to making the home ownership something we can all afford.

Paying too much for housing is the new normal. One in five families are living in unsafe or unaffordable housing in Calgary. This is a top three concern for Calgarians according to the Vital Signs survey. Your donation can make a difference in the lives of local families!

5. Toy Drive

Snow means that Christmas is approaching, and who doesn’t remember the joy of waking up Christmas morning to find your stocking filled and presents under the tree from Santa!

Unfortunately, not every kid has this experience. Toy drives are a magical way to bring a smile to kids in your community. Bring the holiday spirit to your team by asking everyone to bring in a new unwrapped toy for a toy drive.

You can take your donation to places like Magic of Christmas during the months of November and December.

There are so many ways to give back this winter and we hope this list gets you and your staff motivated to make a difference in your local community.

Donate to Habitat for Humanity and the Every Kid Campaign this holiday season

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