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Why Keep Your Donations Local

Posted by Ashley Miller on Dec 8, 2020 2:16:43 PM

Whether you were born and raised in Alberta or newly call it home, you hold a certain pride for the province where you live and work. You’re a part of a strong and resilient community and, if anything, this past year has brought us even closer together.

You’ve been shovelling sidewalks for neighbours, delivering food for family in need and checking in more often with coworkers and friends.

You’ve done so much already but you can keep your impact going! Just as you would shop small and local, your donations should also stay in Calgary and Medicine Hat. 

Here are 5 reasons why your company should keep your donation local.

1. Protect the Environment 

When you donate to ReStore in Calgary or Medicine Hat, you keep items out of the landfill. They travel a short distance from your business directly to a ReStore location, reducing the transportation costs of disposal. 

Most importantly, your items get to have a second life with someone who will cherish them and give them a new home. 

These are the types of commercial donations we accept: 

  • Home décor 
    • Art 
    • Vases 
    • Paint
  • Showhome furniture 
    • Couches 
    • Tables 
    • Chairs 
    • Beds and bed frames
    • TV consoles
    • Dining room sets
  • Construction Materials
    • Doors 
    • Windows 
    • Lumber 
    • Appliances (pre-reno) 
    • Tools
  • And so many more 


2.Get More Employee Buy-In

Your wonderful coworkers are also our neighbours, and they’re looking to reflect their personal values at work. That means that they care where your donations go!

When you donate to a local charity like ReStore, you’re investing in your own work community and the personal communities of your colleagues. The intangible value this adds to your employees can contribute to their buy-in at work—which is a win-win for you!

3. Help Your Bottom Line

Like you, we want to help Alberta’s economy thrive. If you donate items over $20 in value to ReStore, we will provide your business with a charitable tax receipt. We want to make it easy for you to keep working within our communities and employing our friends and family.

It’s not just dollars that help either. You can donate leftover building materials from a construction job or décor from a recent show home and free up some valuable storage space. 


4. See the Direct Effects

Habitat for Humanity and ReStores are closely linked, so to see the direct impact in the community, follow us on social media. Each donation helps build strength, stability and independence through Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta’s affordable home ownership program. 

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5. Public Perception

You work hard and your company does great work, but a little recognition certainly doesn’t hurt. You want to shout about your contributions from the rooftops—and we don’t blame you. We’re here to tell you to go ahead and shout, and let everyone know the good deed you’ve done! 

Write a press release, share it on your social channels and include it in your most recent newsletter or blog. Tell the world about how you supported a charity that means something to your company, right here in your city. 

On top of it all, you’ll also receive our sincerest thanks. Without companies like yours, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish as much as we do in Calgary and Medicine Hat. 

Ready to support local and make a donation? 


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