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Where to Donate Building Materials in Southern Alberta

Posted by Ashley Miller on Mar 17, 2020 3:43:59 PM

The beginning of a new residential or commercial building project is exciting. You get a blank canvas to renovate or build anew with sparkling fixtures and a fresh coat of paint. But it can also feel wasteful when you have leftover materials or are pulling out perfectly good, but dated appliances and cabinetry. 

Instead of sending these items by the truckload to the landfill, consider donating them to a Calgary or Medicine Hat ReStore location. You can have your items picked up for free or you can drop them off yourself, and on top of that, your business will receive a tax receipt for donations valued at over $20.


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Leftover Materials from Construction

You’ve worked hard to quote accurately and order exactly what your client needs for their construction project, but you’re still left with a few leftover items that are in brand new condition. Not to mention the times you’ve ordered a product and your client changes their mind once you’ve been invoiced for it. 

If it’s something you can reuse on another project, that’s great, if not, donate it and give someone else the chance to make use of your materials. That box of unopened tile might be just the right amount for the mudroom or entryway in someone’s DIY renovation. 

What Construction Materials We Accept

The general rule of thumb is if something is new, in an unopened box and is enough material to be of good use, we will accept it. Find the exact criteria below. 

New, Never Installed Flooring: 

  • Carpet (100 sq ft or larger)
  • Complete, unopened boxes of prefinished wood and laminate flooring (75 sq ft or larger)
  • Area rugs 
  • Vinyl flooring (25 sq ft or larger)
  • Floor tile in boxes (60 sq ft or larger)

*No previously used or installed flooring


  • Residential ducting, flashing, vents, fireplace inserts, furnaces, wood stoves
  • New fireplaces and used electric fireplaces
  • Unopened bags of insulation

New, Never Installed Exterior: 

  • Bricks and pavers free of mortar
  • Roofing, shingles and tar paper
  • New and used corrugated roofing 
  • Fencing

*No used asphalt roofing


  • Light fixtures (no brass)
  • New light bulbs 
  • Electrical supplies
  • New, non-commercial fluorescent light fixtures

*All lighting fixtures must be from within the last 10 years


  • De-nailed lumber, trim & siding (8ft or longer)
  • Sheets of plywood, MDF, drywall (½ sheet or larger)

*We do not accept used vinyl siding 


  • Liquid latex paint in the original container with original labels 
  • New, never installed wall tile in boxes (40 sq ft or larger)
  • New, unopened grout 


  • Steel, white porcelain or cast iron sinks without cracks, chips or stains
  • New low-flow toilets 
  • Bathroom fixtures or hardware
  • New or used metal bathtubs 
  • New fibreglass tubs 
  • Clawfoot tubs

Windows & Doors: 

  • Residential interior & exterior doors in good, clean condition
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Clean, residential PVC
  • Shutters 
  • Used windows 5 years old or newer

*No commercial doors

Tools & Equipment: 

  • Hand and power tools with all parts 
  • No bad batteries

Donations from a Renovation

Unlike a new build, renovating comes with a different set of challenges. You may still deal with an overstock of product, but more notably, you’ll have the opportunity to find new life for pre-existing fixtures. 

Make a plan before you begin demolition for what’s salvageable and for what makes sense to donate. 

Save These Items During Your Renovation for Donation

If something can be saved without damaging it and is worth saving without major dents, chips, etc. then see if it’s outlined on our donation list. 

Clean Appliances: 

  • Kitchen - fridge, stove, microwave, etc.
  • Laundry - washing machine, dryer

*Less than 10 years old and no dishwashers


  • Bathroom 
  • Kitchen

* Clean, complete sets including drawers and doors

Fasteners & Hardware 

  • Door Knobs
  • Hinges
  • Cabinet pulls & knobs

*No loose screws, nuts & bolts or nails

Requesting Your Donation Pickup

Once you’ve decided on what building supplies you’re able to donate, fill out the form to request a donation pick up. If you’re unsure if we’ll accept something, give us a call and we’ll assess your items. 

Fill out a business donation form


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