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How your donation to the ReStore supports Habitat

Posted by Ashley Miller on Dec 16, 2020 8:46:07 AM

If you are anything like me, it’s important for you to know how your donation to the ReStore helps Habitat for Humanity deliver on its mission.

While it may seem like a regular retail outlet, ReStores are unique and are a key part of how we generate funds to support what we do.

ReStores are home improvement outlets and are operated by Habitats locally. Each location accepts donations of furniture, appliances, building materials and home decor from businesses and the community, and sells these items at 40–80% below retail price.

The proceeds are used to help families in Southern Alberta achieve stability through affordable home ownership with Habitat for Humanity.

What’s ReStore’s contribution?

Each year, Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta has to raise about $7 M to operate our affordable home ownership program, and the ReStores are a key way we do that.

The four ReStores in Southern Alberta generate about $1 M of those funds. That’s incredible when you think about how many couches, tiles, light fixtures, and other household gems had to be donated to make that possible. In fact, more than 5,000 people and businesses donated more than 2,500 tons of product to the ReStores last year.

One of these businesses is Jayman Homes, who donated extra furniture from their showhomes.

“In today’s economy, it is important for companies that can step up, to step up. And while many may not be able to open their cheque books, there are other much-needed ways charities can benefit from corporate giving. Have some old furniture? Donate it,” says Dave Desormeaux, President & COO of Jayman BUILT. “I’m proud of my team for continuing to find ways to give back to the communities we serve and we’re so thrilled to be able to find an innovative way to support Habitat for Humanity.”


Here are the key areas your ReStore donation supports and why it’s so important in helping us carry out our mission.

How do we invest it?


Habitat builds new homes, in addition to renovating homes that are sold back when Habitat homeowners are ready to move on. Each year, we build 20 to 25 new homes, and renovate about 15.

Learn about our current builds.

By investing funds into new builds and renovations, we can continue to welcome new local families into the Habitat home ownership program.

Do you have old inventory, extra material from a build project or old appliances from a renovation that are ready to find a new home?

Drop it off at one of our three locations or request a free donation pick-up today.

Building the Habitat team

The Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta and ReStore teams are filled with passionate people who are constantly striving to make long-term changes in our community. Investing in people, like the amazing crews you see at all our locations, has a big impact in the communities we operate in.

If this concept has you scratching your head, I encourage you to listen this Ted Talk.

Supporting Habitat homeowners

Habitat homeowners are at the heart of our organization. They bring our team, donors, volunteers and communities together.

In 2019 alone, we were able to help 39 families begin their journey into home ownership, affecting the lives of 91 children.

These outcomes are made possible because of donations from you.

Ready to help make a real change in your community by making a simple donation?