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4 tips for choosing your business' non-profit to support

Posted by Ashley Miller on Aug 2, 2019 12:51:10 PM


You’ve made the decision to make a positive social impact through your business, but now you might be struggling with a few questions. Who should my company be giving to? How do I make sure it aligns with our values?

Here are 4 tips on how to choose a non-profit to support through your business.

1. Find a non-profit organization that aligns with your company’s values

While it might be tempting to choose an organization that resonates with you personally, consider stepping back and looking at it from your business’ perspective. It’s important to find a charity that aligns with your business and its mission.

For example, supporting a non-profit that helps families in the community purchase their first home through an affordable mortgage is a natural fit for a homebuilder. It’s an extension of their own mission to help individuals in the community find security and comfort in their homes.

2. Research non-profits

It’s important to remember that not all charities are the same in terms of impact and accountability.. Before hitching your wagon to a charity and donating your company’s money, evaluate the organization through a third-party websites, like Charity Intelligence.

This will allow you to see the community impact it has and their financial reports, allowing you, to select a charity that aligns with your mission and community impact.

3. Get your team on board

One of the biggest opportunities companies have when choosing a charity is getting buy-in from their team. While you might be passionate about the chosen charity and see how it connects to your business, getting your team’s input helps to ensure you’re moving in the right direction.

Put together a list of your top 3 charities with details on why it’s a front runner for the business. Share the list with your team and ask for them to vote! This will help you understand what your team is passionate about and can help you pick an organization that has the most passion behind it.

4. Time commitment

While every charity can utilize a monetary donation, there are other ways your organization can give back. Alternative options are to donate good and services, or your time volunteering.

For example, a home improvement store could donate old stock or customer returns to the ReStore. The business is making room for new stock while contributing to a local organization helping families build strength and stability through home ownership.

Keep these tips in mind when deciding where your organization should give their time, talent or resources, and your business will be sure to come out ahead.


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