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Help us reach our goal of $30,000 to help families like Avon and Romano's.

Three years ago, Avon and Romano needed to find a place to move.

Their daughter, Marian, had bilateral pneumonia and above their two-bedroom basement suite in Okotoks, lived another family that often smoked inside the house.  

Because of their shared ventilation system, Marian’s lungs were irritated and some days she was too sick to go to school.

“When she was sick I couldn’t go to work," Avon said. She describes it as a very stressful time for a family that lived paycheque to paycheque.  

Meet Avon, Romano, Enzo and Marian
Meet this amazing family

Their rental also had poor insulation. “Winter nights were so cold there that our entry door knob would freeze.” 

It seemed like there was no other option. Then their landlord increased their rent.

Still, Avon kept searching until she found a Habitat advertisement on Kijiji and their journey to home ownership began. 

Marian and Enzo

Marian and Lorenzo with their "new little sister"

Thanks to you, they found an organization that "cared about families like them" and bought their Habitat home in January 2019.

Your donation has given this family security in this trying time.

"I feel very fortunate that we have already settled in our Habitat home because a few weeks after COVID hit, I was laid off," Avon said. 

Habitat affordable mortgage plan reduces or defers payments depending on a family's needs. 

"If we were still renting right now and were in that situation, we might be one of the families evicted from our home." 

"We can say we are very much thankful, grateful and super blessed for all the help and support that our family has received. We also want more people to experience the experiences we've had with Habitat."

Countless other Southern Albertans are hoping for the same chance to give their families a better life.

Will you donate today to help more families in Southern Alberta?

There's something about having a home base that you know is always there that makes it easier to plan the rest of your life.

Kristen, Habitat Homeowner in Airdrie

Donate Monthly

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Because of the affordable mortgage, our family is strengthened and we look positively to our future.”



Avon, Marian and Tiara